The International Space Station On Snapchat: An Astronaut’s Life Is So Beautiful

It takes the International Space Station only one and a half hours to circle the globe. By now it has circled it 100,000 times since the first module was launched into space on the 20th of November 1998.

This milestone deserved a celebration.


That’s why NASA gave the world a real treat- on Snapchat! On their MyStory , NASA’S astronaut Tim Kopra demonstrates what life looks like on the station and what delicious food there is to eat. For example, tortilla.

But it’s not so easy to pour the sauce – gravity does what she wants.

And of course the breathtaking view of the globe.

“One thing that never gets old here is looking down on our beautiful planet.” Says astronaut Tim Kopra.



What is the ISS?

The International Space Station is a flying laboratory used by scientists and researchers. It is operated through international cooperation.

Currently, two Americans, three Russians and a Briton are stationed there.

The ISS orbits the Earth at a distance of around 370 kilometers, with a speed of some 28,000 kilometers per hour.

The US space agency NASA announced that it has thus far covered a distance of around 4.2 billion kilometers.


The ISS is occupied with astronauts permanently since 2000, and will remain in operation at least until 2024.

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