The Deepest Source of Indifference

Most of the time we are indifferent, and we are afraid to react to the small vibrations of life. We hold up that indifference as a protective shield in front of us and that is how we life the weekdays of our life. It is true that the shield of ”Who cares” protects us from a lot of nuisance in life, but a high price is exerted for that protection. Indifference makes us insensitive, and insensitive in turn prevents us from abandoning ourselves into the constructive energy of Life.

Nowadays, most of us lack the main components of that constructive energy: creativity, spontaneity, vitality and drive. In the lack of these strains we live for ourselves as isolated Egos in a world which is generally characterized by stress, aggression, unhappiness and a lack of love. This is because the most of us hide under the cloak of indifference.


In such a world, fewer and fewer of us feel all right, we would like to change it somehow. If we do want to change it, we should not expect the change form others, we must initiate the change ourselves. We might as well start the change by shedding the cloak of indifference. How are we going to be able to accomplish that?

The deepest source of indifference in us is the fact that we live as separate and isolated Egos and, most of the time, our attention is engaged by telling our personal history. The fibers of the fabric of our personal history are constituted by our opinions and experiences. We devote almost all the energy of our life to make that fabric more and more individual, beautiful and colorful. We remain indifferent to all the things and persons who do not help us in pursuit of that goal. In the case of most people, the process is unconscious, people do not recognize it, as they tend to powerfully identify with their own personal histories.


In the face of what has been described above, it is clear that once we are able to stop telling our own personal history, and we are able to wake up from the spell, the cloak of indifference may fall from our shoulders. Upon that awakening we immediately find ourselves in Life, in the current of pure, constructive energy. We will be filled with vividness, coupled with creativity, spontaneity and drive. In this way happiness and love are incorporated into our life.

We must therefore wake up from the hypnosis of our identification with our personal life story. Quite a lot of us, however, make the awakening a part of their personal story, and convert the awakening itself an objective to be achieved in the future. Awakening is, however, not attainable as a part of our own personal history.

Awakening means that we have to be alert. We are only able to be alert here and now, in the present moment, and not some time in the future. So, if we wish to wake up, we have to be present in every act of ours, we must be present with deep concentration and full devotion. In this way, any act we perform, no matter how insignificant it might appear, will be a constructive action.

Making efforts to be alert should be a guideline in our life. Let us make no difference between small and great things, all our actions should be permeated by alert concentration.

Once we have become alert to the present moment, indifference will simply disappear from our life, giving way to constructive energy. That is how we will become full of life, full of creative energy, and we enter the world of unconditional love, and our actions will be the source of radiation of that love.


Originally written by:  Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D. via

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