3 Ancient Texts That Completely SHATTER History as We Know It

There area unit various ‘controversial’ ancient texts that have been found throughout the years round the globe. Most of them area unit firmly rejected by thought students since they oppose nearly everything set forth by thought historians.

Some of these ancient texts area unit same to shatter thought beliefs and dogmas that are thought of as firm foundations of modern society.
In this article, we tend to take a glance at 3 ancient manuscripts/texts that area unit extraordinary in each side and may shatter thought history as we all know it.


The 3,600-year-ol Kolbrin Bible

It is thought of by several because the initial Judaic/Christian document that spells out understanding of human evolution, doctrine, and intelligent style.



The mathematical principles of the Kolbrin mirror the interest of the traditional Druids in natural philosophy and arithmetic and speak of worldwide cataclysms of the past.
It is AN ancient text that in keeping with several students dates back ultimately three,600 years, however may well be abundant older. students believe this ancient manuscript was written at identical time because the will was being composed.
The Kolbrin Bible was written by many authors. This ancient text is formed of 2 elements that frame a complete of eleven ancient books.
Curiously, this ancient texts is believed to explain the story of human creation and mentions –most importantly— the existence ef many ancient civilizations that existed on Earth before the creation of Adam and Even.
Some have even categorized the Kolbrin Bible because the initial antediluvian ‘Bible.’ the traditional text describes –among alternative things— the Fallen Angels.

The Book of Enoch

Ever since it had been discovered, the Book of Enoch has been thought of one in every of the foremost controversial ancient texts discovered on the world.


The Book of Enoch is AN ancient individual spiritual manuscript that is derived back to Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah. The Book of Enoch is taken into account by several students one in every of the foremost prestigious non-canonical apocryphal writings. it’s believed to possess greatly influenced Christian beliefs.

This ancient text describes (the initial part) the ending of the Watchers, the angels United Nations agency fathered the Nephilim.
The book consists of 5 quite distinct major sections (see every section for details):

  • The Book of the Watchers(1 Enoch 1–36)
  • The Book of Parables of Enoch(1 Enoch 37–71) (also referred to as the Similitudes of Enoch)
  • The Astronomical Book(1 Enoch 72–82) (also referred to as the Book of the Heavenly Luminaries or Book of Luminaries)
  • The Book of Dream Visions(1 Enoch 83–90) (also referred to as the Book of Dreams)
  • The letter of Enoch(1 Enoch 91–108)

The Book of Giants

This ancient text believed thus far back over 2000 years proves –according to several authors— that the traditional Nephilim were real beings and delineated however they were destroyed.

It was discovered many decades agone at the Qumran Caves wherever researchers came upon the Dead Sea Scrolls. Specifically, the Book of Giants speaks concerning creatures that peopled our planet within the distant past and the way they were destroyed.

The Book of Giants –which by the approach is incomplete—offers a distinct perspective concerning the Nephilim.

According to the traditional text, the Giants —The Nephilim—became aware that owing to their violent ways that, they face AN impending destruction. They asked Enoch to talk on their behalf to God.

The ancient texts detail however the Nephilim lived on Earth and created chaos and destruction.



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