The DARK Side of Spirituality

Many people have different opinions when it comes to spirituality. Some believe it’s a good thing but some of them don’t. The main issue is that the people think that with entering in the spiritual world they will get some positive experience. Here in this article, we present you the dark features of spirituality.

Spirituality isn’t just one object and it can be expressed in numerous ways. Some will find understanding in their professional field, faith, religion, through kindness, compassion or love. There is no right way of doing it. It’s important to notice the spirit in you.


Have you ever wondered, what is spirituality? Many of us don’t know the true meaning of spirituality. Some compare it to religion and while it can be compared it is not an entirely religious thing.

The spirit is the nature of a person, that elusive thing within us that makes us act normally in certain ways. When we mute the mind and everything is calm, all that’s left is the spirit.

You have only 4 levels of health- the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. All of them except the spirit are smoothly defined, measurable and explainable, but the spiritual side of things is a bit more mysterious and hard to describe in a short sentence. But it is still a real thing.

The single thing that will be present in all spiritual exercises is consciousness. Consciousness is hard to explain as is spirituality because it is not a single thing, and to make things simple consciousness on an independent level is your awareness of a thing, even if that thing is nothing.

One of the problems that can occur as a result of increasing your consciousness or awareness is a hard hit in the face of reality. Once you take that red pill reality can be hard to understand.

Spiritual practice and the increasing of your consciousness is similar with disbanding an obstacle that has been slowly put up throughout your early ages and maturity – by learning, society’s expectations and family and friends.

Once this obstacle is down it unlocks the floodgates for all the valuable there is, but also the darker side of the world.

Basically, if you see at the common consciousness you will see a lot of disagreement between the people. As you walk down the street you will see people that are hurt and you will see how terrible the wars and the misery are. As soon as you become aware of it, it can’t be ignored.


The next thing is your independent consciousness. Once activated this spiritual awareness is similar to the holding up of a mirror and while you see the good things in yourself, you also can see the mistakes you are doing.

Spirituality helps you face your fault, the pain you have caused and the negativity which lies within you. It can also make you interrogate who you are and what is your goal in life. It can relief you to perceive the pain you have locked away.

One of the things that are common knowledge is a basic feeling of joy when you reach a specific level of spiritual growth and while this joyful feeling is powerful it can often set you up for unrealistic expectation of yourself and others.

Maybe for some, it will display an expectation of others to realize your process and while it is good to have people around you who are on the same path, in the end, it is a single journey.

Another misunderstanding is that a spiritual awakening is the end goal when in the real world it is just the beginning; it’s a something similar to capturing a wild lion and awaiting it to be gentle. You have to learn how to raise your spirit and resume asking questions. Maybe you will not like the answers, but if you continue your path you will find what you are searching for.

Walking the road of spirituality can be the most complicated, but in the same time the most satisfying thing you will ever do and it’s important to not be devoted to your present situation, you will usually find that everything is connected and nothing you have done till now has been worthless.

The most significant thing you can do to reduce the stress and anxiety is to believe in the process and if you continue to move towards your goals the only thing that can stand in the way is just yourself, nobody else.

If you learn to separate the darkness which we all have from the light and notice that both are normal and needed it will make your road very smooth. Different states of mind serve different goals and when you get to know your own emotional period and how they influence you, you can use these states to reach your peak.


In the end, making a conscious attempt to grow spiritually is the best choice anyone can make. Spirituality will inform you of the truth, positive or negative and once you can confront that truth in your life, the success will be unavoidable!


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