The 10 Stages of Awakening That Everybody Has to Go Through

Spiritual awakening doesn’t actually happen in stages. There is however a natural order of the events that bring on the awakening and gradually transform a person’s life, and it’s just much simpler to understand the journey ahead of you, if you look at it as though it were made up of stages. And these are the 10 stages of awakening that might help you better understand your own spiritual path.

Stage 1


You’re in a bad place in your life, and  you’re unhappy with the current state you are in. You don’t get the support you need and are frustrated by life and those around you. You begin to feel the need and will to take back control and make some changes. You decide to take life into your own hands.

You no longer want to rely on others or external events for your happiness. Just setting your mind to these intentions is enough to ignite your energy, your chakras and your soul. This will open your eyes. Your Awakening has begun.

Stage 2

You start to see life with different eyes. You experience feelings of inner peace, euphoria and freedom, but there is also some pain.

All of a sudden you’re confronted with all sorts of emotions from your past and how you’ve chosen to live life. You begin to question and challenge everything.

Stage 3

It’s a war between staying awake and closing your eyes. You feel anxious about what’s going to happen next if you continue on your path of awakening. You are at the point where you take the leap of fate. Things around you begin to fall apart, your beliefs, your way of life, everything becomes meaningless or inappropriate. You feel stuck and bewildered. The ground around you starts shaking, and you suddenly feel as though if you continue, it will implode. At this stage many people go back to sleep, but those who persevere achieve transformation.

Stage 4

Everything has fallen apart and now you’re in the dark. But you must be in the dark in order to understand the light. You are perplexed by the world around you. The poverty, greed, the state of the environment. You start to wonder how this has come to happen.

You feel depressed and unsure how you’ll ever integrate into society. You wish to isolate yourself and be alone, with nature. People around you don’t understand, and think it just a phase. All of a sudden life has no joy, you feel alone and lost and start to wonder “Who am I?”.

Stage 5

You accept that you don’t have to change the world to make a change, but start from yourself , and so you start changing the world by changing from within.


You start focusing on love and gratitude. You may even begin to show interest in spirituality and things metaphysical. Your perception of the world gradually changes, and realize that you’re in this world for a reason.

Stage 6

You start to really feel  and see the inter-connectedness of all things, nature, animals, the universe. You see that we’re not in the Universe, but a part of it. Your consciousness grows and you see the world on a deeper, more connected level.

Your intuition and psychic gifts expand and you see that we’re all equal and one of the same.  Your life becomes more synchronized, and your thoughts, emotions  and feelings shape your reality. You lifestyle slowly starts adapting to support this.

Stage 7

This new consciousness gives you the ability to feel as one with the Universe. You start understanding your purpose, you shift away from the material, and begin to focus on the greater powers of energy and intention.

You see that all you need to do to start walking the path of your higher purpose is to be true. Your authentic self is what you’re here on Earth to share.

Stage 8

You’re in sync with your true-self. Ideas sprout out like seeds, inspiration comes to you. You start to blossom, your destiny becomes clearer. You attract abundance into your life through your creations and ideas.

Your life is transformed and the people and experiences  around you reflect your state of higher consciousness. There are still challenges, but you are emotionally and spiritually better prepared to battle them.

Stage 9

As you continue on your journey, you realize that you’re co-creating with the Divine. When you surrender to, and work alongside the Divine, things are bigger, better and have more flow. You work side by side with Source Energy and realize you’ll always have a guide.

You may even start connecting with your spirit guides,  guardian angels or even your higher self. Your intuition and psychic abilities may grow even stronger.

Stage 10


As you evolve hand in hand with the Divine, you align your energy with the energy of unconditional love. You are love, you radiate it and feel it. You realize that life is temporary and simply an experience we’re meant to enjoy.  You understand that the entire awakening has happened to simply make your life easier, more peaceful and more secure.

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