AMAZING Recipe To Stop Your Hands From Revealing Your Age!

Aging is a natural process all of us go through. However normal, it’s a fact of human life that isn’t always welcome. Surely, not many of us take pride in gray hair, wrinkly eyes , large pores and age spots all over the face, neck and body.¬† And all of these are just the external symptoms of ageing, but what about all those stuff that we can’t see, slowed down metabolism, impaired vision, impaired hearing and so on?

Apart from your face , the first body part that gives away the secret of your age away is the hands. They are constantly exposed to dirt, chemical-laden dish soaps, detergents, household cleaners, all of which leave permanent marks on your hands.¬† And they’re also usually neglected¬† in most people’s skin routine, when compared to the care we take of other parts of the skin, like the face. Ageing is something we all must accept as an inevitable process that our bodies go through, but there are some home remedies that can help maintain the skin in top-notch condition.


Here’s one recipe for a homemade hand cream that can reverse the signs of ageing on the hands. It will not only protect you from premature ageing, but it will also improve the quality of your skin.

Another thing to consider is exfoliating regularly. It’s very important, not only for your face but for your hands as well. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, making the skin very soft to the touch. You don’t even have to use store-bought products, and not only will you save some money, you’ll also protect yourself from the damaging effects of all those chemicals these products are full of.


– cinnamon

– brown sugar

– olive oil


Mix the ingredients together, apply on your hands and massage gently. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

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