Cats Are Empathetic Too & Help Us Heal

The Ancient Egyptians believed that cats are divine creatures that can see the spirits of the dead.

All lazy cat owners have noticed at least a couple of times how their cats look u, hissing angrily at something that the owner can’t see.


This ability to detect particular phenomenon, can be demonstrated through photographs taken with sensitive, digital cameras that depict orbs of energy. There exist a couple of photographs in which these spheres, invisible to the naked eye, are clearly visible.

Cat watches Orb

You ask yourself how this is possible. Scientists suggest the simple explanation is that it’s a case of optical illusions due to dust. But why would cats get excited by a speck of dust? If , however, it’s a matter of different entities, not necessarily spirits, but perhaps just energy, then this special ability of cats to sense vibrations and frequencies undetectable  by humans, all of this could be explained in scientific terms.


This specific sensitivity would allow cats to see objects and phenomena that the untrained human senses cannot perceive. But just because scientists don’t possess the tools to observe a phenomenon, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Apparently cats possess a large number of specific skills, such as empathy. All cat owners have experienced a situation when you’ve felt unwell, and your cat felt this and come to you in order to transmit energy, in a sense. A stomach ache, a head ache, your cat comes and wants to cuddle with you, giving out energy and a feeling of calm and well-being.

This consciousness of pets is used today in Pet Therapy, to successfully treat various psychological ailments. And this is not the only superpower our four-legged friends possess: a think unique in the animal kingdom, the cat tries to sleep on the so-called Hartmann Nodes, which are particular intersections in the Earth’s magnetic field lines, which encircle the whole planet at regular intervals.

If a person were to stand over such a node for a longer period of time, he would feel faint. This is not the case for cats, which on the contrary, seem to feel more relaxed on these nodes avoided by all other animals. The ability to detect magnetism is prevalent in many animals, like migratory birds for example. But cats’ abilities go further, as they can sense the Dark Energy that permeates the entire Universe.


Is this the secret of cats? Does their warmth have healing powers?  If we consider that this energy – demonstrated through mathematical calculations but not demonstrated in practice because of our sensory deficiency- is related to the ancient ancestral rituals related to the cult of the Mother Goddess, it’s clear why the Ancient Egyptians considered cats divine.


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