Meet Freddy: He’s Over 7-Feet Tall And Is The Biggest Dog In The World

If you’re thinking of big dogs, you’re probably imagining Great Danes. If you’ve ever seen one, you’ve surely thought to yourself- wow that’s a huge dog! And their unusual size truly is something to be amazed by.

Freddy is a Great Dane who lives in Essex, England, and he’s not an unusual specimen. Freddy’s official height is 7 feet and 6 inches, making hi the tallest dog in the world.


When his mom Claire brought him home, she knew that he would grow up to be a big boy, just like all Great Danes. The average Great Dane weighs around 190 pound and stands at 33 inches tall. What Claire didn’t know was that Freddy was about to grow a lot bigger than that!

Freddy is now 2 feet taller than Claire when he stands on his hind legs, and he weighs a heavy 200 pounds.

He entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s tallest dog.


While most of you would probably be discouraged from keeping a dog of such enormous size, but Claire says she feels nothing but love for her giant fur-baby.

Freddy lives with Claire and her children, and also has a Great Dane sister called Fluer.

Between the two of them, Freddy and Fluer consume a huge amount of food to stay happy and healthy. Some of their favorite snack are roasted chicken and peanut butter on toast.

Claire’s food bill often surpasses a sum of $15 000 a year, and repairing her broken furniture and other household items that Freddy destroys add big numbers to his bill.

“I’d come home and find a sea of foam across the floor. But he’s my baby and I can’t imagine life without him”, says Claire.

Long walks and super sized meal prep for her two big babies are now an inevitable part of Claire’s day.


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