August 2017: Five Ways For You To Master The Eclipse Energies

August 2017 is seen as one of the most important months from the astronomical point of view when there is a total solar eclipse scheduled on 21st of the month, preceded by a partial full moon eclipse on 7th August.

A solar eclipse takes place when the moon comes between the earth and the sun blocking the sun’s visibility from the earth. In total solar eclipse, all the three celestial bodies come in one straight line so that the moon in the middle completely covers the sun. The sun’s distance from the earth is about 400 times from that of the moon and their diameters are also in a similar ratio. Therefore the moon and the sun seem to be of the same size as seen from the earth.  A solar eclipse takes place during the new moon stage.  It has a significant impact on the earth’s atmosphere. Darkness shrouds the earth and it becomes cold.

Similarly, a lunar eclipse takes place when the earth comes between the sun and the moon so that the light falling on the moon is cut off. The moon does not have the light of its own and only reflects the sun light.  The refracted light from earth’s shadow gives the moon a reddish tinge and therefore during a lunar eclipse, it is called blood moon. A lunar eclipse takes place in a full moon stage only and occurs during the night.

Eclipses are great spectacular sights in the sky and have a significant impact on life on the earth. These eclipses in August can be observed in some parts of the world; lunar eclipse on 7th in Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia and the solar eclipse on 21st in North America only. Scientifically, the total solar eclipse is of great importance as we shall be able to see part of the sun’s atmosphere which is not visible otherwise. The sun’s outer atmosphere looks like a corona and presents a magnificent view. It will denote the culmination of one celestial cycle and the beginning of the other. This will also mark a more energetic association between the physical and non-physical realms. These eclipses occurring in tandem are of greater significance and their effect shall not only be limited to 2017 but shall spill over to the next year as well. Also, despite the eclipses seen only in few parts of the world, their influence will be experienced the world over.

Since ages, man has seen eclipses with awe. Records of eclipses date back to 2000 BC when these events have been noted with mythological importance. We find some poetic mention in ancient Greek literature also. They have always been treated as supernatural phenomena and man is yet to understand its total impact on our lives.

Even today, we look at the eclipse with great curiosity because we understand that it can open a new horizon of opportunities for the mankind to know the unknown, the miracles of this universe. The eclipses are said to be events of the high level of energy which affects the celestial bodies, the environment around us and also the realm within us.  It is the time when we prepare ourselves to respond to this wonderful event of nature by synergizing our energy with that of the universe.


Change Yourself

This is the right time for you to sow seeds of change you envisage in your life. As the energy levels during this period will be high, it will be easier and faster to synchronize your energy with the cosmic energy. This synchronized energy will have a boosting effect on your movement on the new path. Even if you have a doubt, it will be clarified. This is not the time to show reluctance as this is inevitable. This is the opportunity when you can heal and leave your old energy debris in your system behind. Eclipses bring about the positive change in your life and transform your life to a more meaningful one. This is a boon in disguise, only that you should be prepared to go through this process willingly. As the old cycle ends and a new one begins, a new life full of fresh energy is waiting for you to grab it. The impact may not be instantaneous but as the days pass, your path will get crystal clear. Remember, you are not alone on this path; the power of synchronized energy is also with you, guiding you all the time.


Know Your Truth And Act Accordingly

Every one of us is unique in terms of a physical entity as well as from the internal energy point of view. Regardless of what others think of you, it is for you to decide what is best for you. Listen to your inner self and choose your own path. From your own experience, you know your true self and get the right direction. You can meditate for the revelations these ecliptic energies help you to discover from deep inside you. Listen to the inner voices carefully with greater awareness in light of these energies and you know exactly what is deep inside you. Just do it for yourself; you do not have to satisfy others.


You Dare Dream

When you synchronize yourself with the power of these ecliptic energies, it will not be limitedto find the right path for you and move ahead on it. It is also the time when your dreams can take shape. So shed all your self-limiting inhibitions, worries and dare to dream. You should have faith in yourself that you deserve to see your dreams come true. The energies will take care of the rest. Life itself is a magic; only you have to believe it and discover it within yourself. The miraculous manifestations of these ecliptic energies can surprise you in unexpected ways. You can feel an insurgent energy during this period. Though you may perhaps not understand this, it will prompt you to express your wishes. And your wishes can become true; your hopes can become reality.


Pursue You Like Most

Those people are very lucky who are able to pursue their passion and reach where they feel fully content and self-satisfied. This is the ideal situation which only a few of us get in. Normally in the race of life, we are forced to accept what is considered good for a living but that may not be good enough for our self-satisfaction.  Our creativity is lost. If you have a passion which remained buried inside because you never got a chance or time to follow it, this is the right time you can rediscover and take a step towards it. Even your small step will take you a long way because you do it from your heart. If you synchronize yourself with these universal forces, they will catalyse the best out of you. And this will be done so naturally that you will feel as if you got back a lost treasure. You will experience an obvious shift in your energy towards following your passion. This can also give a much-awaited boost to your career.


Get Along With People

These eclipses will not be limited to a particular region in their effect but will have a worldwide impact. Millions of people will be affected by the energy and may be able to witness some transformation in their lives. This will be a universal phenomenon. As we are preparing ourselves to experience a very important lifetime celestial event, we need to understand the world around us as well. In order that all the forces unite to support us in our pursuit, we need to embrace the people who are close to our heart. We should also connect to people who are like-minded. We all have to spread our energy in this period of transition so that everybody’s energy comes under one umbrella. We must make friends with people who are similarly compassionate and interested in this process of synchronization of energies. This will make us united in a group with common goals.

This month of August 2017 hosting both lunar and solar eclipses are going to be unique and very special for all of us. It is not only a time for great astronomical events; it will also open doors for the horizon for rediscovering ourselves with new zeal. It will be a time to take new initiatives in our lives, know ourselves better and fulfill our dreams. It will be a month to harbinger change which is inevitable and will take us closer to the universal energy. It will give us a lifetime experience of self-awareness and deeper meaning of our existence. This universe is ours and we all belong to it. Only that you have to tune in and match your frequency with that of universal energy.