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Paypal’s Founder Has Decided to Begin Building World’s First Floating Nation In Order to ‘Liberate Humanity from Politicians’


Paypal’s Founder Has Decided to Begin Building World’s First Floating Nation In Order to ‘Liberate Humanity from Politicians’

How do you like the idea of you living as a member of an independent nation that floats on international waters? Well if this looks quite appealing to you, you are definitely going to like what you’re about to read. In just three years, the life on an independent nation could be a very real possibility. Imagine that, the year of 2020 could bring major change!

Namely, Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal, is leading a project to build a floating nation that is able to operate according to its own laws. Thiel’s idea represents the very first floating nation in the world and should be located in the Pacific Ocean off of the island of Tahiti. This project is being carried out by the very diverse team at Seasteading Institute, a nonprofit organization consisting of global marine biologists, aquaculture farmers, nautical engineers, investors, medical researchers, and so on.


This first island will be funded by a coin offering. Coin offerings are one of the methods for online projects and startups to raise funds without selling their stocks or something of the sort. Coin offerings is in essence a new form of crowdfunding. This new concept is gaining quite a lot of popularity in the Silicon Valley nowadays.

The team at Seasteading Institute is hoping to raise around $60 million by the year of 2020 in order to build twelve buildings. The first city of the floating nation will be constructed on a network of 11 five-sided and rectangular platforms so it could be rearranged according to its inhabitants’ needs. I guess we could call this construction a floating puzzle of some sort. These platforms will be built out of reinforced concrete and are hopefully going to support three-story buildings and so on for up to 100 years.

The president of the Seasteading Institute, Joe Quirk, introduced his vision before all of this in a book titled “Seasteading: How Floating Nations Will Restore The Environment, Enrich The Poor, Cure The Sick and Liberate Humanity From Politicians.” According to the Sun, Quirk says his hopes are to build thousands of floating nations by 2050. These floating nations will be populated by people who want to set their own rules and live a free life without meddlesome politicians and bosses. Wouldn’t such a place that ‘freed humanity from politicians’ be a marvelous location to live the life of your dreams?

Once the plans were released, the executive director of the Institute, Randolph Hencken, gave the following statement:

“What we’re interested in is societal choice and having a location where we can try things that haven’t been tried before. I don’t think it will be that dramatically radical in the first renditions.”

“We were looking for sheltered waters, we don’t want to be out in the open ocean – it’s technologically possible but economically outrageous to afford.”

“If we can be behind a reef break, then we can design floating platforms that are sufficient for those waters at an affordable cost. We don’t have to start from scratch as this is a pilot project.”

“They also have very stable institutions so we’re able to work with a government that wants us there, that we have respect for and they have respect for us.”

What is your opinion on all of this? We are very excited to see how the entire project will result and what opportunities will it open for everyone. Take a look at some of the photos below to get an idea what it might look like once it’s completed.

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