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6 Hints That Show Your Man Is Faithful To You

There are lots of reasons people cheat in relationships. And men and women usually cheat for very different reasons, and gender is not always to blame. A commonly accepted truth, which is also very untrue, is that everyone cheats. People often find themselves unsatisfied with their relationships, and given the circumstances decide to stray and cheat on their partners. And in such situations there are two types of people : those who end the bad relationship, and those who just chose to ignore it.

If your partner’s a good man, you probably have little reason to worry about him being unfaithful.

The following 6 reasons reveal subtle signs as to why good men never resort to unfaithfulness:

1. He respects his woman and his relationship with her

The basis and one of the most important factors in a relationship is respect. Lots of people have their personal issues that make them unable to truly respect another person. Insecurities in particular make people selfish, and often drive people to seek the attention of other partners as a way of proving one’s own worth.  Good people who are satisfied with themselves, are happy with themselves and their choices, which is why their respect for their partners is unreserved.

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2. He believes sex isn’t everything in a relationship

Good sex is crucial for a good relationship. But it’s not everything. Other things in the relationship, that can actually improve the bad sex life, are much more important, like communication, honesty, understanding and trust. If you have these, the good sex will come. A good man knows that monogamy is a choice, and that he can have everything he wants with the partner he’s chosen. Therefore he has no need to look for anything someplace else.

3. He thinks love is very important

This one is a matter of personal values, and those who hold love as something sacred, knowing all the things that go into building a relationship, would never gamble months and years for a one-night stand. A good man aims to be fulfilled on a deeper level, and knows that it’s all about the person, and not about minor insecurities and rough patches.

4. He doesn’t boast about the number of women he’s slept with.

If you this question, a good man would probably need a while to count, since people truly dedicated to finding love, don’t really care to do the numbers. Only immature boys need to adorn their pride with the number of women they sleep with. A man puts his values first.

 5. He knows how to discuss things that bother him

If there’s a problem in your relationship, a good man will tell you. An immature one will just give you an irrational passive-aggressive reaction. A good man will tell you in good time, so that there’s time and willingness on both sides to fix the situation. He would never choose to ignore the problem and find a solution with someone else. Ignoring the problem and hoping it goes away, just piles up unresolved issues and the aggravation. And that is not what good men do.

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6.He is emotionally intelligent

That means that he is able to define his feelings, and differentiate between real feelings and temporary infatuation. Momentary emotions are a part of our human nature, but a good man knows that “being too drunk” is no excuse nor reason to cheat. A truly fulfilled and good man is aware of his choices, and in control of his actions, which is why he has no need to seek out another partner.

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