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6 Types of Empaths: Which One Are You and How to Make the Most of Your Gift?

Empathy is a blessing when you not only feel for others but can also relate to their profound feelings as if those feelings are your very own emotions. But there are also several aspects of this peculiar feeling of empathy which you must be cognizant of, in order to make the best out of it. Let me spill the beans of different empaths for you:


Such empaths have a very deep understanding of a person’s sentiments and emotions. Having speculated someone else’s emotions they could embrace it as if they themselves have been experiencing it. They tend to bear similar heavy heartedness to that of a person in sorrow, or in vice versa circumstances, they could discover overwhelming feelings in themselves which they might identify with the person in mirth.

But it is extremely crucial for the empaths to have only a detached attachment and have a distinction in their own and other’s emotions. As in many countless cases where they are likely to fall a victim of their own thrived emotional empathy that could impact them in an adverse manner and they could be on their last legs.


Such empathy could be aiding in some ways as to that person carrying this empathy have an instinctive impulse which enables them to decipher the caused perturbing ailments and the hurdles faced in its resolution. They might also sense the painful vibes unleashed by the sufferers and subsequently, they commence to realise those symptoms in their own body, although they also gather the abilities to heal them.

If only the healing part is considered, the captioned empaths often choose out the profession pertaining to medical or they might seek for other relevant proposition.

But identifying the physical sickness of fellow friends, relatives or people in vicinity needs a restraint in channelization as it is very scathing for the empathy physically. They must get trained to learn shielding technique.


These kinds of empaths have very rare affinity that they share with nature, environment or the atmosphere. If you are this empath you tend to imbibe the vibes you receive from the environment and in wake of that, you could get both positive and negative vibes depending on the historical context of the place.

You can impulsively create any feeling be it of happiness, sorrow, fear, anger or agitation.

They can’t bear devastation of nature in any form rather they have a sense of mourning towards its damage. The spiritual energy of the places of religious or spiritual importance always drives their soul. The spiritual power of these places gives peace to the soul. Having this empathy prompts an innate desire for strolling in nature as it brings up serenity to mind, body and soul. You might indulge in creating an abode that incorporates objects related to nature.


If you are an animal empath, you will have a psychic ability to ascertain their mental state and their needs. This cognition will prompt you to shower utmost love and care towards them. For you, they are personified with all human qualities and also have all sorts of emotions and feelings. It highly stands a chance that with your animal psychic skills you have a regular conversation with them. You have a very rare metaphysical connection where in you spend a great deal of time with animals with an insight of resolving their ailments.

You also love to scrutinize materials giving information of animal physiology and anatomy, and hence that lead you to become a very eminent animal healer.


If you are a vegetation empath or plant/tree empath you will have a feeling of natural kinship with all the vegetation surrounding you. You are very much cognizant of the selection of trailing plants in your garden in the most precise disposition. You always hear over its murmurs whether they are of joy or pain. You preferably choose a career where you are in touch with greenery and vegetation. Every now and then you have an urge to invoke your special plant or a particular tree for seeking the right assistance as if they are your special adored counsellors. You have a wonderful comrade in the form of plants and trees and you are well aware of its requirements.


Having psychic empathy could be pretty intuitive or instinctive. If you have such an empathy towards others you would have a gut feeling or receive vibes and energy of whatever inner expression the people around you exhibit. You can easily decode what intentions people are carrying in the catalogue of honeyed, sophisticated or vague words. It will not be ambiguous for you to attain these vis a vis person who is deprived of the mentioned empathy, whether there are the words that belie or reflects truth or anger or even vexation.

Certainly, you have in depth inspection of other’s mind. In other words, you are a mind reader blessed with the skills of scrutinizing one’s mind with your psychic abilities. This special boon is wonderful to experience when you are surrounded by the people with whom you get along very well, while with others you might receive a stipulation of eternal thoughts, expressions, emotions and much more sense of disorder.

Certain Empathies could be very helpful for you and people around you once you have a full realisation of your gifts, albeit some aspects of empathies could bring you only chaos and bewilderment and you probably may find it rather difficult to find calm in the midst of chaos.

You must practice inhibiting the energies in the wake of which only disorder is ensued and drifted long.

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