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7 Of The Most Common Synchronicities We Don’t Pay Attention To

A phenomenon of simultaneity of seemingly unrelated events that co-occur without any obvious reason is termed as synchronicity. This is something inexplicable and is not supported by any normal logic.As the togetherness of these occurrences matches or complement each other so well, it looks out of the world because under normal circumstances we do not comprehend they’re happening so exactly timed.

This phenomenon does not take place just like that; it is our inability to correlate such occurrences. There are forces in the milieu which make it possible. This is not happening merely by chance. When it happens, it gives you a signal that your frequency is matching with that of the milieu, the universe. Synchronicity is when you get aligned with it.

Everyone of us, some time or the other, must have witnessed or experienced this in his own life. There are several interesting instances of synchronicity, few most commonly occurring ones are illustrated below.

Coming across repeating numbers like 1111, 222 or 333

A very common experience almost everyone must have had in real life is coming across repeating numbers. These numbers can be 1111, 222 or 33333 and so on. These are not just ordinary numerals but carry a deeper meaning. It is believed that the universal forces are giving us indications that we are rightly aligned with them.

Think of the devil and he is there

This is a very common proverb, though in a negative sense the positive side of it is also equally true!! There are many occasions when you must be thinking of someone close and you surprisingly find him there right in front of you or get a phone call or a message from him. How is it possible? How two different people, physically distant apart can equate in their minds. It happens without any warning but it happens. There is one single universal force which synchronizes every mind.

Can you foresee

They call is precognition or future sight in simple words. You just thought of something and that actually happened instantly. You thought of your favorite song and the next moment it played on the tv or on a music system. This is when you synchronize with the universe, you can experience it. The forces here respond to your wish. You are walking alone on a highway, tired and just wish for a lift and suddenly a vehicle pulls up beside you.

There is someone who answers your queries

You are perplexed at some point in life about what to do, how to move ahead. This is important and you need a direction. You cannot leave it also because this will decide your future course of life. This can be about your relationships, your career or any other major issue. You are stuck up because you do not know what to do. And all on a sudden, the picture which was earlier hazy becomes crystal clear. You get an unambiguous signal in which direction you should move. It is as if somebody holds your hand and guides you there.

At the nick of time, every time

They say when the time is perfect, everything falls in line. Whatever you do, it is done correctly. Some time or the other it happens in every body’s life. The whole world seems to be perfect for you. You appear exactly when you are needed there or every time you get a green signal on the road despite busy traffic. It seems somebody is working it for you. Yes, you are right!! You are exactly in line with the forces and they are reciprocating by putting things in line with you.

A surprise gift you wished for

Despite you not sharing your wish with anybody, how come someone gifts you exactly what you wanted. Isn’t it a surprise!! It seems as if he read your mind. It can be anything, a new mobile phone, a photo frame, a book, a chocolate, just anything. You may also unconsciously gift something to someone exactly what he wanted and see the reaction. It’s unbelievable, yet true!!

Meet your savior

The very special person you really wished, you could meet him in a time of your utmost need, appears exactly when you yearned for him desperately. This is the power of synchronicity.

These are some manifestations of coincidences which will amaze you. But this does not happen all the time. You also need to put in your contribution, your efforts to align with the universe with all your heart, mind and spirit to make it happen. Let the governing dynamic forces also know that you are prepared to make it happen.

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