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8 Things Men Only Do With The Woman They Love

Love and Relations in life give us the spirit to relive and enjoy each moment with a meaning and expressing this meaning in several ways to your loved ones. This is not just the regular part of life. Men and women have their own tastes in a relationship, but when it comes to love and affection, there are common things to get notified about how extreme the bond is and with men, they do keep things reserved. It’s always something more powerful if he feels for you and ready to take up things to the next level.

Here are the 8 things a man would choose to make a move with the one he sincerely loves.


1. He’d listen to you

Men are not always the denominator. It’s something they are always willing to move out from. They want to be treated soft and tender. If he loves you, he finds your voice passionate and would never miss out a word that you say to him. All you can do is, say something that really matters, ask what is going through his mind, he really needs that special someone who can understand him better. And with time, he would follow your thoughts and respects your words.

2. He fights with you.

A flower cannot always stay bloomed, but we can expect them to bear fruit the next day. And that’s how relationships grow; there are times when discussions and quarrels do happen, but if he sits back and expects something to get sorted for the relationship, he really wants you to be happy.

3. Small sacrifices are not a big deal if you’re happy

The biggest sign of affection, when you are his priority and no plans can affect your happiness. He would choose to do things that make you happy instead of things he is comfortable with. He’d surprise you and ask you what are your likes and dislikes; so that he can adjust himself according to you.

4. He fights for your love

When it comes to a man’s love, he would never want to lose you for anything. He would kick every obstacle just to be with you, and would never want to waste the moment spent with you. For a man in love, there’s nothing like an excuse if he wants you in life.

5. He’s proud of your success

If you’re winning, he is definitely celebrating it more than you count. His love resembles like a mothers pride, unconditional. He never compares in the relation, and always wins every time you achieve even the smallest goals.

6. He thinks that you are beautiful though you know you’re missing out on something’s

There are bad hair days, and you might not always look beautiful and clear sometimes due to the cold sore on the lip. You know you’re not perfect, but when it comes to your man he never finds that flaw in your beauty. That’s when he loves your soul and has that unconditional affection that can never go wrong though you have a bad hair or less make up on.

7. He cares about your family and friends

A man in love knows how relations grow and what it takes to build it. If he loves you he would definitely ask for your family or closest friends who are important to you. He would always listen to what you speak, and if you explain about your family and share things that are worrying you, he’d never fail to offer a solution and would work more on solving things.

8. He’s not afraid to show his soft side

Men never like to be exposed, and they never reveal their weakness so easily. But if he loves you more than anything, he would all set down to be sensitive and would never feel bad that he’s being weak on his knees before you. It is when he knows that your love can make him stronger and he can cross any boundaries irrespective of the hurdles in between just for you.

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