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8 Things People Don’t Realize They Are Doing Because They Are Highly Awakened

A state of awakening is when the mind becomes aware of itself at a level just above the physical. It means that the spiritual level, emotional state and physical body are in sync and perfectly at peace with each other. Such persons are conscious, ie aware of their own person, and are happy with themselves and their lives.

And yet, they seem different to the people about them because their behaviour and personality are at a much higher level. Most people on Earth will never reach the highly awakened state, and thus, find it impossible to be able to understand how or why awakened people behave the way they do.

But awakened personalities should not shy away from being themselves because of what people might say. They need to search for acceptance amongst people who understand and not try to hide or change themselves for the majority. The people who accept awakened persons are those who are willing to grow spiritually themselves.

So what are the quirks of awakened souls which might appear different to the majority?

1.They dig deep

Whilst you and I may not go into detail about every single thing in our lives, awakened people do. They have a personality which makes them dig deep into every situation to try to make sense of why things are the way they are. They prefer to learn from everything that happens about them, and that makes them question every aspect of their life.

2.They know they are awakened

They know that they are different from the people about them. Their uniqueness shines through, and they wish to make everyone as happy and at peace as they themselves are by bringing them to a higher level too. But that is not a path meant for everyone and not everyone will take them seriously.

3.They empathize

Awakened persons have empathy for people around them. They can feel the hurt or stress that others around them have without meaning to, and that sense of feeling stresses them out. It is hard to feel the varied emotions of so many different people at the same time.

4.They ask many ‘whys’

They believe that everything happens for a reason. There is no such things as coincidences for them, as every single thing is a sign from the Universe signalling either change or a push to change. Thus they are always happy, because no matter what happens – a break-up, or a plan falling apart – they believe it does so for a reason.

5.Their Intuition is strong

They trust that their intuition is right, no matter how insane it might be. When they follow their intuitions, they feel confident about their lives and the decisions they have to make. They believe that all things happen for a reason and end well, and if things don’t end well, they haven’t reached the end yet.

6.They trust the Universe & its energies

They believe that the Universe will not give them troubles by sending to them tasks that are above them. Everything, as always, happens for a reason, and if the Universe has not sent something happy their way this time, it is because they are meant to learn from it and grow from the experience.

7.They love meaningful conversations

They do not like to indulge in gossip or networking just for the sake of it. They prefer to immerse themselves in conversations that mean something, such as about life and how to improve the world about them. They love the world and the universe and by talking and learning about it, they want to make it a better place, and understand it more deeply.

8.They like their solitary hours

Being in quiet places rejuvenates their minds and helps them build up their energy. Being around people, especially in large crowds, is draining for awakened souls, as they feel others’ emotions and feelings so deeply.  Being alone heals them. They also prefer to spend time with nature, because they feel closest to the universe and our natural world there.

These quirks may seem strange to most people who are not yet awakened, and even those who are, but at a lower level. But awakened people need understanding and an open ear. Do not judge them or make them feel awkward about themselves. By being around them, your own spirit could be raised, leading to your awakening too. It is an amazing feeling to be awakened, and despite the complexities of their lives, they are the happiest souls on Earth.

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