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8 Things To Do, To Keep Your Man

It is hard to be a woman in today’s world. When it comes to men, those complicated creatures make it very hard indeed to make it able to understand them. Some women say that this is because all men are the same, but boy, are they wrong! Of course, given a situation, some men may react in similar ways, but that applies to all individuals, not just men. So we decided to make life a little easier for you, by giving you here eight things that men love in their gals.

So if you want to keep your man, here’s what you should know!

1.Keep Your Calm

Impulsive tantrums are seldom attractive. A man looks for an oasis of peace and calms in his woman. If you can find it for you to maintain your cool even in crazy situations, you will find every man in the world hankering for you! But if you’re that person who goes all guns blazing at the slightest provocation, you need to rebuild your attitude. Take up yoga, or breathing exercises to learn to control your temper. Learn to keep your cool, then seek to keep your man.

2.Showcase Your Intelligence

It is not only the pretty you that your man loves, it is the smart you too. A man wants to be-be able to keep up a good conversation on various intelligent topics with his woman, and he will look for wit and intelligence in you. You can reel him in with your looks, but it is your brains that will keep him hooked.

3.Be Honest

No relationship can survive if there is dishonesty in it. Men love women who are honest with them. Trust him. Prove to him with your honesty how much you love him, and your openness will deepen your relationship by leaps and bounds!

4.Learn to Care

A man wants someone to care for him. A life without care or concern is a difficult life indeed. Show him support and care, and he will want to know what you think too. Men love to have a woman in their lives who would care for them and are not ashamed to show it.

5.Keep Your Humor

Life needs humor for us to survive it! There is nothing as attractive as a positive attitude in life, and men love women who know to enjoy every moment of it. A good humour will make light of the hardest of life’s situations. And it will keep your man bound to your side with laughter and happiness.

6.Show Yourself Respect

A man will respect you and want you if you respect yourself. Build up your own confidence, and learn to respect yourself. Do not let anybody put you down, and that includes your man! Having an ego is not the same as having self-respect, differentiate between the two, and maintain your self-respect. Your man will love you for it.

7.Be Kind

No pretty face ever attracted a man if it belonged to a woman filled with spite. Being mean never attracted anyone, and that includes your man. Men like their ladies to be kind and caring, and who knows to behave well. That is the kind of woman he will bring to meet his family and friends, and be proud to take around. Kind words and a soft smile can win the heart of the most aloof of men.

8.Learn to be Romantic

Men love a woman who knows to be romantic. Being romantic means showering your man with attention and love, showing him your care and making him feel special. Even after years have passed of you being in a relationship, a romantic gesture on your part will make your hearts bloom like new again. He will fall in love all over again and know that he is so lucky to have you with him.

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