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8 Toxic Thoughts That Damage Your Soul

In-coming of thoughts into our brain is a most natural phenomenon and as normal human beings, we cannot avoid it. To an estimate, medical researchers suggest that around 30,000 thoughts come into our mind every day. Now there are some good thoughts and some bad. A good thought gives you happiness whereas a bad or negative thought ruins your happiness.

The latter is also termed as a toxic thought because it harms not only your brain but also your body and soul. The negative thoughts are uncontrolled and epidemic in nature and the mind gets invested making your life miserable. It is therefore of prime importance that we identify such thoughts and kill them before they kill us.

Here are eight toxic thoughts that damage your soul:

How Many Times You Feel You Can’t Do

If this is your first thought whenever you have to act, it is really bad. It shows that you are not prepared to take up any responsibility. It is a psychological hindrance and affects your performance immensely. It means that you have already lost the battle before it started. You flatly say “No” to such thoughts. Try it.  After some time you will be amazed to discover how many things you can do.

Why Do You Feel You Are Not Good

Before the world gets any reason to say so, you declare yourself that you are not good. This negative thinking will jeopardize your personality. Believe it; nobody in this world is good enough to know everything. Everyone has his own lacking. You are not the only one. So get up and accept yourself, whoever you are and have faith. If you do not know something, learn it. You can do it.

Do You Think the Whole World Is Against You

This is a most cynical thought that the whole world has got nothing else to do other than conspiring against you. You cannot do anything because people create hurdles in your path all the time. The fact is just the reverse. Everybody has his own work to do and no one is after you. It’s you who is against yourself. Remove this mental blockade and just do your job without bothering.

“Would Have, Could Have, Should have…”

If I would have done this, I could have won or should it have happened, I could have gained; lamenting over these negative thoughts take you nowhere but ruin your peace of mind and make you feel depressed. The best thing to do is to forget and proceed further because if you keep on regretting, there is no end to it. Somewhere you have to stop and move on.

Do You Harbor  “Only If” Syndrome

If you are one of those who thinks if this happens then only you will do that. Only if you get a highly paid job, you will start working or only if friend calls, you will call him back. This pre-condition is a self-imposed and stops you from moving ahead. Life is difficult and everything cannot be to your liking and preference. Break out of it and take initiative.

You Wish You Had Few Hours Extra!!

Come off it. Everyone has got the same 24 hours. This is a very common excuse people make. If you try, you can extract some time from those 24 hours only. It is for you to make your own priorities. You need to learn time management.

Do You Really Think Your Time Has Gone

This is a typical problem with the people who think they have grown too old to try a new thing. They think that their time is gone. This is not only toxic but a ridiculous thought. It’s never too late. Only you have to feel fresh in your heart. We all have been blessed with such immense capabilities that we ourselves don’t know and have therefore never tried. There are many live examples that elderly people have done things much better than young ones.

Why Do You Think Your Target Is Unattainable

If everybody had been thinking like this, there couldn’t have been any inventions or discoveries. We would have remained slaves to our negative thoughts and without any progress. You lose your battle in the start itself. In fact, it is proven time and again that human efforts have made things happen never thought before. You must, therefore, believe that your target is possible.

Life is a learning process all the time. It does not stop anywhere for anything or anybody. But negative thoughts will stop you from “living your life”. You must shed all negative thoughts here only and proceed with the positive thoughts only. Let’s enjoy life, let’s celebrate it!!

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