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(Amazing) Wild Raven Comes To Talk With Old Man

Raymond the Raven has apparently picked up on some very interesting sounds, and he’s really learned to make a show of them! It would also be great if he learned to say “Hi, I’m Raymond” and greet humans in the same way.

uha ha ha ha hi hi hi uh uh ha ha ha. The Raven is just excited to see his old friend again.

Humans and their primate relatives are known for their intelligence and social abilities. And birds too have been proven to show a great deal of intelligence when subjected to different tasks.

However, we know only very little about their social skills. A new study suggests that ravens are more socially refined than we assume. They’re able to decipher the social dynamics of other raven groups, something which, up until now, we thought only us humans could do.


Some noteworthy examples of quick problem-solving give evidence that the common raven is unusually intelligent. And that may be the reason why ravens have been a subject of mythology, folklore, art and literature for centuries of human history.



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