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This Color Test Will Reveal How Many Past Lives You’ve Had!


Reincarnation is a confusing subject for many of us.

There must be millions of blind past lives for each of those persons who remembers their past lives in every glorious detail.

Let’s work on that here, by working on understanding how many lives you may have lived in your past.

There’s any easy method to it, called the study of color perception.

The soul has a color, and this is an eternal aspect of each of your lives, an aspect that does not change throughout any existence.

And as it lives through the ages, the soul grows an attachment to specific colors. And using these 2 details, we can work out how many lives you have had in your past.

So let’s do it!



What answer did you get? Be sure to leave a comment below and pass this article along to your friends to see how many lives they’ve had!

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