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Differences Between Being An Empath and Having Clairsentience

Some people tend to confuse between empathy and clairsentience but they are different. An empath can generally feel the emotions of their surroundings and the people in it. While on the other hand, a clairsentient has a bit more psychic abilities and can feel emotions and energies across the spectrum from far away. For example, an empath can feel how a person sitting right in front of them is feeling but a clairsentient can tell what a person is thinking or feeling. In fact, they can even tell if someone is in danger or pain and things like that.

If you’re gonna google “Traits of Empath” right now, you’re gonna end up having a pretty straightforward list. But sometimes, these traits might overlap with many other things like Indigos, Psychics, Lightworkers, and even HSPs (Highly Sensitive Persons). It is crucial to know that once an empath has full control over his gift, then these traits don’t even exist. So you might have full control over your gift of empathy at the time of cross-checking the traits from the internet. If that’s the case, then you have to try to recall your situation when you didn’t have full control over your gift. But if you’re gonna hit the internet for the “list of traits of an Empath”, it is most likely that you’re gonna end up with the following points on your list.

-Complete and exact feeling of other people’s emotions.

-Public places might seem overwhelming.

-Feeling like a human lie detector.

-Unable to watch cruelty and tragedy even on TV.

-Constant Fatigue

-Improper Digestion

-Back Pain

-People would want to confide in you

-Addictive Personality

-Need for some alone time


-Love for natural things

-Being drawn towards spirituality

-Easily getting bored if not in the active mode

-Can’t do things they don’t find enjoyable

-Loves to find out the truth



-Love for travel

-Cleanliness is must


-Can’t live by rules

-Great Listening Ears

-The ability to feel time

-Ability to sense energy




Well, those were some of the traits of an empath you are most likely to come across if you searched for the same on the internet. The basic purpose of this post is to provide a clear understanding of an empath and a clairsentient and trying to get rid of any confusion related to the same. There are definitely some similarities between the two but they are not the same.

Theoretically, an empath may have the give of clairsentience and a clairsentient may have the gift of empathy. There are many people out there who possess both these gifts. Moreover, many psychic gifts can be taught and learnt. If you already have one of these gifts, it is totally possible to try to learn another one but it would take some time and practice.

Well, if you’re gonna search the internet for “the list of traits of a clairsentient,” you are most likely to come across the following list.

-Clairsentients are highly sensitive individuals.

-It is normal for a clairsentient to get overwhelmed at places which have witnessed violent acts.

-Clairsentients are very sensitive to the energy of their surroundings.

-Clairsentients tend to form strong first impressions of people in their minds which usually tend to be correct.

-They are capable of describing things as feelings (usually “heavy” or “light”).

-They are quick and accurate at “feeling the air of the room.”

-They can easily tell whether a person is telling the truth or not.

-Clairsentients usually use the phrase “I feel that” instead of “I think” or “I know”.

-They can easily relate to other people’s views and opinions and can easily tell the origin of those views.

-They are able to read other people’s feelings and emotions.

-They can feel the presence of any supernatural entity around them.

-They have a keen sense of taste and smell.

-They feel close to nauseated in dark or around negative entities.

-They have usually noticed things without any logical explanation.

-They feel joyful in presence of a positive energy.

-They tend to feel that someone is with them at places when they are completely alone.

-They can easily sense distress between two people.

-They sometimes have a tingling sensation at the top of their head.

-Sometimes tingling sensations makes them completely vigilant for no reason at all.

-They have felt sudden strong energy and vibrations in their body for no reason at all.

-They are usually capable of feeling what a special person might be feeling at any point of time even when they are very far away from that person.

-Their mood usually swings all across the spectrum and can easily change depending on the situation.

-They sometimes feel that someone is patting their shoulder, brushing their hair, or holding their hand with no one being there.

Not all people are empaths and clairsentient. Some people can mimic these gifts and may seem to be an empath or a elairsentient. You can tell whether a person actually has these gifts or is mimicking them by observing them. A true empath would never be able to hurt or cause pain to someone purposefully. Clairsentience in right hand can be used for good by guiding and helping the ones in need.  Empaths must master themselves in recognizing the fake empathy so that they can protect themselves from them.

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