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These earplugs let you turn down the volume of real-world sounds

Tired of hearing the horn blaring outside or the party music next door? Now, you have newly developed earplugs by the Dutch startup “Knops” which lets you adjust the volume of the sounds around you.

The real world sounds like the blaring traffic, party music, constant notifications of someone’s phone or the annoying crying of a child on a flight can all be toned down as per your level of comfort.

Four Levels

Normal earplugs completely shut down the outside noises to your ears and do not even let you hear the relevant voices. Knops earplugs have four levels of volume which you can adjust according to your needs.

First one is hearing the regular real-world sounds, second is completely obscuring the noises in the background, toning down the raging music of the party or a live concert and finally shutting down all the sounds and complete silence to your ears.

Unique Idea

The founder of the startup Knops is all musicians which not only truly appreciate every sound but also know the importance of them in our lives.

The founders believe that their invention helps people to find a new and stylish alternative to the earplugs available in the market while preserving the long-term hearing capacity of the ear.

These earplugs are not digital in their design rather work on the analogue model. They only modify the analogue sound waves reaching our ears rather than convert them.

Knops is available in a wide variety of stylish rims and beautiful colours. Get your Knops earplug today!

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