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“Earth has Shifted” – Inuit Elders Issue Warning to NASA and the World (Video)

A new warning has come to NASA from the Inuits.

They are warning that the modification in climate isn’t because of heating however rather, due to the planet shifting a little.

The Inuits area unit native people who board the Arctic regions of North American nation, the us and Greenland.

They are wonderful weather forecasters then were their ancestors.

Presently they’re warning independent agency that the explanation for modification in weather, earthquakes etc, don’t seem to be attributable to heating because the world thinks.

They also report that:

They state that the planet has shifted or “wobbled”. “Their sky has changed!”

The elders declare that the sun rises at a unique position currently, not where it used to previously.

They even have longer daylight to hunt currently, the sun is far above earlier, and it gets hotter much quickly.

Other elders across the north also confirmed identical factor concerning the sky dynamical when interviewed.

They additionally alleged that the position of sun, moon and stars have all changed inflicting changes within the temperature.

This has also affected the wind and it’s terribly tough to predict the weather currently and according to them predicting weather is critical on Arctic.

All the elders confirmed that the planet has shifted, wobbled or canted toward the North.

This information provided by the Inuit Elders has caused an excellent concern within the NASA scientists.



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