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Which Element Is Your Spirit: Fire, Earth, Air or Water?

Everything is connected in the Universe, and we’re all one and the same. We’re essentially the Universe expressing itself in human form. We’re children of stardust, and we carry with us the elements of the world around: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

We all posses some of these elements, but it’s mostly just 1 or t. To check which one you are, here’s a brief outline of their energetic characteristics.

If you’re FIRE:

  • You feel as though you have an important message to tell the world
  • You’re passionate about things and pursue them
  • You have the desire to create, inspire and lead others
  • You’re honest and communicate your truth
  • You’re independent and always searching for new experiences

If you’re EARTH:

  • You always try to heal and care for others, especially with the help of nature
  • You have no problem jumping in for other people and accepting responsibilities
  • You are on a mission to heal and save the planet and make the world a better place
  • You’re very private about your emotions and only reveal the minimum
  • You find comfort and peace in nature

If you’re AIR:

  • You have a message that you deliver to the world through teaching and creative self-expression
  • You possess a rich imagination and intuition to see the big picture
  • You fight for humanity, your beliefs and the beliefs of others
  • You’re a peacemaker and strive to resolve conflicts
  • You keep the important people in your life close to you

If you’re WATER:

  • You bring art, music and joy into the world
  • Your intuition is well-trained and you trust your emotions
  • You heal the world through creative self-expressions
  • You know exactly how to help yourself and others
  • You’re very sensitive to the energies around you, and you often need your alone time


Fire spirits lead, create and inspire others. At a certain stage in your life you come across a period of awakening, and a strong and passionate fire is lit. It drives you to fulfill your passions and dreams, without even having to do anything to tap into your eternal flame. By simply being true to yourself, your Fire spirit will achieve its mission in the world.

When out of balance, the Fire spirit is aggressive and maybe a bit pushy. You have a bad temper and get easily frustrated when things don’t fit your vision. If you’re more considerate to others and you focus on your goal, you can learn to be calm and more self-conscious.

If you don’t use your flame energy, you might tend to over-think, become anxious, and lose sleep. That’s why it’s important for you to channel your energy in a productive and creative way.


Earth spirits have the task to heal themselves and others through nature. As natural-born healers, you are very handy with alternative medicine. You’re in sync with Mother Earth and try to make the World a better place in whatever way.

The desire to help is what shakes Earth spirits into awakening, and through this desire they develop an ambition and motivation to make a significant change. You’re driven and accept responsibilities if they serve a higher purpose, and you’re also a very reliable person to trust a task with.

When out of balance, you can become cold, stressed or feel over- burdened. This is reason to make you withdraw within yourself and lose sight of the big picture. The simple cure for this is a bit of alone-time in nature.


Air spirits carry with them vision and motivation. You’re a natural-born teacher and orator, capable of materializing your ideas into the real world. You’re a visionary with revolutionary beliefs, and dedicated to making a lasting change survive centuries.

You’re also a peacekeeper, naturally gifted at resolving conflicts and bringing harmony to the involved parties. However, if out of balance you can shy away from conflict and dealing with it. You might also lose touch with reality and lose your ground.

What awakens you is the desire to defend your ideas and beliefs. It often happens that a prophetic dream is what brings you in tune with your real self.


Water spirits heal by bringing art, joy and music into the world. Creative and intuitive, you posses a strong love for exploring different areas of art and creativity. You’re very sensitive to your surroundings and you pick up on other people’s energy, even if you’re not quite aware of it.

A Water spirit awakens when they realize that being their true self, and allowing their creativity to flow, they can achieve everything. When you struggle to accept yourself and try to conform you fall out of balance.

You understand and synchronize with the emotional vibrations of your soul and the souls of those around you. You’re very sensitive to the Universe’s energies and are naturally intuitive.

When out of balance, you become overwhelmed, hypersensitive, depressed and anxious. Since you’re controlled by your emotions, it’s essential that you deal with your own emotional state first.

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