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Emotional Ascension: Saying Goodbye To Say Hello!

Life is a beautiful experience, a limitless affair that has splendour beyond description. There are a few among ourselves who have just started feeling the thirst their souls are ejaculating for a wholesome awakening. For those, this article would be of great help. That thirsty, demanding part of your soul is crucial for your growth and development, for your survival and success. Everybody goes through the process of awakening at different points in their lives. There are some who experience awakening not as a process, but as an event that enters their life attached to an overly sad or overly happy experience.

There are a lot of ways to give in to the yearnings of your soul. Indulging in activities like meditation, yoga, retreats, reading and praying can go a long way in satisfying your spiritual self. The most important objective of these activities is to set the heart free. Everybody knows the struggle of synchronizing the heart and the brain. So while your brain yearns for spiritual enlightenment, your heart can stop the attainment of the aforementioned. If you’re not willing, you cannot fly. And to make up your heart you must leave all emotional pain behind, you must accept facts as they are and must learn to transcend, releasing the angst residing in yourself. Once you attain emotional ascension, only then can you say hello to spiritual elevation.

It may prove to be utterly difficult to “let go”, but to hold on tight would mean to endure pain. Once your soul yearns for freedom from the shallowness of fake or unnecessary emotions, you must realize ways to release yourself from them. The first step would be to check out your relationships with people around, with family members, life partners, friends, colleagues, society and subordinates – and most importantly – with ourselves. These emotional bonds we have are built up of energy, the energy that sometimes keeps us subdued and, the energy that hinders our spiritual growth. Sometimes, the hindrance may even be due to lack of company and absence of such emotional energy.

We are made up of a power, a force that is indestructible. The aim of our spiritual awakening is to recognize the strength of that power. The elevation of the heart may involve leaving those around us, leaving our family, our loved ones, our kids and best of friends behind, to start on a journey that may end at a point from where there’s no return. But one doesn’t discuss this often, this isn’t a popular trend. Why? Because it threatens the energy and power that binds us all together. Our emotions are ruled by these ties and they must be let go of if required.

The moment you realize that the strength of this binding is fear is the moment you’ve finished half the journey. The fear to loose or hurt somebody is what keeps your heart blinded. You must rise above this foundation-less guilt and soar high. You must let go of the fear of ruining your image and losing material power. Do not serve relations that have done no good to you, and would hinder your growth forever like a parasite. It is very difficult a journey to endure and one must keep in mind that it is a process and not an event that may occur before or after one’s awakening.

If you feel that you must progress and move a step ahead in relations you have developed with those beyond you, if you desire what lies beyond your reach at the moment and if you can feel the same from the other end of the relation, then please do not hesitate to take the first step. This way, you keep the merits you have always cherished and received more. This is being preached to you by an experienced soul, a soul awakened not by accident but by choice. It is a difficult course to take, a difficult journey to embark on, but a promising one. It promises fulfillment of being.

You’re ready for the journey if you feel it strong, light mood swings should indicate your inability. This is a time consuming, easy go process that needs to have a pace to suit the individual. Once you start, you reap fruits beyond description. The best of them are an insight into our emotional being and the reasons why your emotional self is detached from the spiritual one. Once you feel it, you’ll honor it, and would preach to the world what is right. Your spiritual gifts shall improve in quality once you have the aforementioned insights, making you a complete being. A more authentic you would now be able to try and meet up with people you had left behind before beginning your journey. But this time, it would be in a way that wouldn’t hurt your heart. Small, yet significant effects of the emotional ascension would show in every action of yours, in a way inevitable.

These words were for those who’re trying to attain awakening and emotional ascension. Your struggles and angst are real, it means you’re on the verge of crossing the horizon. The change is about to happen, and when it does, you’ll be a better you. Remember, it is your choices that would lead you to your contentment. Do not think of the world, not of the people, but of the good you are about to do to yourself and to the mankind.

Love is the key to happiness, but emotional scars should never be allowed to stain your pretty souls, their hindrance should be eradicated forever, period.

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