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Empaths are Not Here to Transmute Other People’s Energy

There are many blogs out there circulating on the internet stating that the life purpose of an Empath is to transform others negative energy into positive energy and making them positive. This is not true. An Empath is simply a person which can directly experience and feel other people’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions without any physical contact.

Empaths are not Rescuers

Empaths are naturally born with healing powers and are drawn to therapy but that does not mean that they are ‘Rescuers” of everyone. Empaths can easily sense other’s energetic state and can feel their pain, sadness, and grief. With this unique quality, they somehow start feeling responsible for other’s physical, mental and emotional health.

Every Empath does not want others to hurt since they can feel their pain and they themselves hurt. But it often leads to overwhelming them and they take others pain to their heart, mind, and body to release them out of their misery. Others also take advantage of this feeling because they get a momentary reprieve from their pain knowing that the Empath can understand what they are suffering through.

Losing Themselves

Most Empaths have a strong affinity towards feelings and can easily absorb other people’s energy. It may be a unique ability but it takes a toll on their body and they more often than not, lose themselves in the process.

They are unable to differentiate themselves from the pain they are feeling. They try to help others by supporting and understanding the pain and struggles of other’s but instead they are encouraging others to stay in their state of pity and misery. Although Empaths have well at heart, by understanding the pain of other’s they do not allow the victims to get out from their realm of depression and fight back. Instead, they encourage their victimhood and in the same process lose themselves completely.

Avoiding all Emotions

A huge negative impact on this ability is made on their mind and body of Empaths. All this pain numbs them and they completely shut down their emotional self. They try to keep away from all feelings, sensations, and emotions.

Empaths are mostly attracted towards people who have deep wounds, abusive relationships, difficult childhood or people who are suffering from pain in general. They try to help them with their understanding but eventually it sabotages them themselves rather than healing the victim.

This overloading of excessive negative emotions makes them feel the pain and grief all the time. Eventually, they get so plagued with this ability that they extract themselves from the pain.  In order to do so, they have to lose contact with some people which cannot heal and will only have an adverse effect on the Empath.

Empaths are not born for healing people or holding out their pain for them, instead, their special ability is to help people fight back their pain and get on with their life. No one can heal someone else until the person is ready to heal himself. One can only heal oneself and an Empath can only be a guide. They cannot fight back for anyone; they can only show the correct path to self-healing.

Empaths cannot live the pain, suffering, and grief for someone else instead they should guide the person to fight back their own struggles and challenges. If an Empath is holding out the pain for someone else, he is worsening his body and denying the person a very important lesson of life.

Healing Themselves

Empaths need to have a strong control on their mind and emotional self. They have to make the decision to let go of other’s people baggage and not carry the pain of others. The pain is not only emotional but Empaths feel the pain of other’s in their body physically which with time becomes chronic. It is important for an Empath to understand that they can only show the path to others, not walk the path themselves for someone else.

Everyone comes in this alone and has to fight his/her fights, struggles, and challenges alone. An Empath is not responsible for transforming everyone’s negative energy into positive one. Neither are they responsible for holding out the pain for them just because they understand their pain.

They are only responsible for a healing themselves, embracing the love within themselves and staying positive and happy at all times. Everyone has to lead their own journey; people should lead their own while Empaths lead their own personal journey.

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