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Which Figure Did You See First? Find Out What Your Hidden Fears Are

Projections Tests are evidence applied in psychology to uncover the deepest fears and feelings lying within the subconscious mind. Values, Fears, Dreams, Suffering, Doubts and other elemental properties within us, which make up an individual’s personality, qualifying their impulses and defense mechanisms.

The most commonly used test is the Ink Blot trial, designed by Rorschach. The ink blot presents itself as a different figure to each person who looks at it, giving a new meaning to it each time.  Other similar tests require the individual to draw a family on a plain sheet of paper.

We present to you a test here, which based upon your response, will bring forth your own personality and how it reflects upon your character by uncovering your fears and other details.

What is the first figure you see in this image?

1.Little Girl


You have repressed emotions you are carrying over from your childhood if the first thing you see in the picture is the little girl. It could be anything, ranging from a trauma in your perinatal phase such during gestation and delivery to problems in your infancy or early life. Many events can cause a child’s life to be scared, and if they are not looked upon or resolved, they often carry over to their adult life giving rise to issues and unhappiness.

A child’s relationship with her mother is a basic requirement for the infant to develop emotionally. However, for instance, if the mother, or maternal figure, is unavailable for any reason whatsoever, such as due to hospitalization, or due to lack of affection offered to the child, it is possible that the child will grow up to be an adult who projects these fears by reacting fearfully to having to make decisions.



Multiple explanations for the Butterfly have been offered by different psychologists. Dream interpretation defines the Butterfly as a sign of hope for the future, a prosperous beginning, and a new phase of happiness in life if the Butterfly is bright and colourful. On the other hand, a dark and light Butterfly is linked to a missed opportunity or a chance that could not be exploited.

The Butterfly is also linked to the afterlife and seen as a messenger of the souls from the spiritual side. If your gaze is drawn to the Butterfly, it is probably your soul is fluttering to find itself, or those whom you have lost. This could be the people whom you have lost to mistrust or death, the latter leading to a fear of death in your sub-conscience itself.



The Strawberry is the heart, and is placed right in the middle of the picture, and portrayed much larger than its actual size. Legend says that the Strawberry was created from the tears of the Goddess Venus that fell to the ground as she wept over the death of Adonis. If the Strawberry pulls your attention from all else, it may be because you are searching for your heart.

The biggest fear in everyone’s heart is of falling in love, only for it to end badly, or to fall in love without it getting returned. Persons with these fears start off relationships with a view that it will be short-lived and take relief in people whom they do not trust. Such emotions usually start off in early childhood, often due to problems in a parental relationship, or the relations between the parents and the portrayal of their feelings before the child.



If you see a Skull, you’re seeing something that is not actually present but is really just an illusion of your mind. The Skull can be seen only by looking at the picture as a whole from far off. If you saw a Skull when you first glanced at the picture, you seem to be living a subconscious fear of a loved one dying. You may also be fearful of relationships failing or disappointing you. This is often because you may have faced situations previously which were beyond your control, such as the actions or decisions taken by someone else, even going so far as to take a decision on someone’s life, such as taking a patient off life support.

This helplessness and crushing guilt should never be undermined and is in fact, important to be resolved for sorting your own emotions.



Asking an individual to draw a Tree is one of the best psychological tests available. The Tree is recognized as a representation of a person’s roots, and if two Trees are presented joined together as a bridge, it is likely to point at an unresolved inner conflict. Because a person is the best judge for identifying their inner turmoil and uncertainties, they are not the right persons to find a solution.

It would be advisable to seek external help in such situations so that an outside view is presented to you without any bias toward your own personality.

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