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The First Thing You See In These 4 Pictures Reveals Your True Self!

Various messages can be sent through art, and how messages will be understood depends on the eye of the viewer. Through art, feelings, thoughts, current state, emotions, and beliefs of the artist can be expressed. So his paintings, sculptures, and photos speak for him. Art engages the senses, initiates emotions, transmits them, creates them, engages all the senses of the observer, and therefore they say that the Art is very powerful medium.

Below you can see some pictures, and when you look at them, you can read what your way of seeing these images tells about you and your personality. You could be surprised how your perspective indicates on your personality.

What you see is what you are!


Is there on the picture a young woman? Is a young woman in the picture? If you have seen a young woman, there is a great chance that you are an optimist, a very happy person who sees something positive in everything, but you are a bit impulsive.

Or you may have seen an old woman? This means that you approach every problem very critical, but also with life experiences that you probably have a lot of. Perhaps you are by nature pessimistic and cautious, inclined to skepticism.


You first saw the skull? You are very realistic, firmly standing on the ground and you are aware of the passage of life. It can be said that you are a free spirit, very passionate and strong. Also, for people who see a skull are said to be cynical.

You first saw a woman in front of a mirror? If you saw a woman in front of a mirror, then you are a little naive person, and you are not prone to predict problems. You love art and everything that is beautiful, so you are prone to fantasy and dreaming.


Is there a duck on the picture? You are an example of an individual whose left brain hemisphere is weaker than the right hemisphere, which is more dominant.

And maybe there is a rabbit in the picture? If for you in this picture is a rabbit, you represent a technical mind whose left hemisphere of the brain is dominant over the right hemisphere.

And what if you saw both duck and rabbit? If you saw both duck and rabbit, this means that you can quickly change your view of the situation and that you are a very resourceful and creative person.


Does the cat goes up? If you think the cat is climbing, you are naturally a naive person who does not pay attention to detail, and you are probably very unorganized. But it is precisely this negligence that gives you life without worrying and paying attention to critical thoughts.Or maybe she goes down the stairs? If you see this you are a person who very carefully passes through life and relies on your own intuition, you are not one of those who hopes that happiness is on their side, you take a thing into your own hands.

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