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Here’s 7 Traits of Indigo Adults: Are You One?

Indigo adults are special people gifted with some special characteristics generally not found in normal individuals. They possess extraordinary intelligence with extraordinary creativity. They know that they are not ordinary and are born with a special purpose in life.

The concept of indigos was initiated in 1970s; as such there are now so many adults. You can figure them out by some of their striking traits.

1.Your Questions Never End

Indigos are super curious. As an indigo you are not ready to accept anything easily. You will try to explore everything with detailed analysis and keep on questioning until you are fully satisfied. There is no end to your asking “why” all the time. You are not satisfied with the obvious reasons but will go deeper to know the basic reasons. You are particularly worried about the questions related to humanity and are very sensitive to the negative feelings like hatred, human sufferings, inequality amongst people etc. You cannot see a man stand against another man.

2.Everyone Is At Par

As an indigo you are not ready to be bogged down by anybody. You do not believe in rules and regulations and are not ready to follow those who want to impose things on you. Always ready to argue with the authorities, you question their authority. Rules and regulations often differentiate between people and such differentiation is not acceptable to you social or political. Instead you prefer to involve yourself in creative and humanitarian activities like working close to nature, protecting environment or doing anything good for people.

3.Empathy Is Your Weakness

Indigos display a very high level of empathy. They are not just satisfied by helping people but actually they go one step further. An indigo sees people suffering, he starts feeling as if the sufferings were his own and becomes very much emotionally attached. This experience is very painful and takes a toll on his health and mind. This happens automatically and not by choice. Therefore if you are an indigo, you will not be interested in wars, famine, epidemic, riots etc which depict human sufferings especially without any fault of theirs. You will try to cut yourself away from such horrifying scenes because they impact heavily on your mind, heart and soul.

4.You Feel At Home With Nature

As indigos are known to be close to nature, they have no inhibition showing their love for flora and fauna i.e. plants and animals. They are genuinely attached to them and prefer to spend their time close to them. Indigos explore the plants and animals more and work for their preservation. They call them their closest friends and treat them like that. They are also concerned with the planet, its environment, interaction with the other celestial bodies and their impact on humanity.

5.Indigos Feel Out-placed

As an indigo, you are not interested in money and power games; these things in fact interest you the least. You are interested to see happiness, peace and equality prevailing in the world. Unfortunately this is not so and therefore very easily you get depressed. In day-to-day life you find people fighting with each other all the time for power, money, supremacy; people live with each other but they have no love or compassion, no helping attitude but only ego, competition, hatred and fighting. All these negative things have a long lasting effect on indigos and they slowly lose faith in the social system. They start feeling that they do not belong to this world and get alienated. They also lose faith in any kind of relationship and are afraid to engage themselves therein. However, they always look for opportunities to work for the welfare of people.

6.You Are Spiritual

Indigos from their childhood are special and different from others. This is depicted very clearly in their behaviour and reaction to the worldly things.  Even as children they very explicitly show extreme curiosity for supernatural things. They feel more attached to the universal forces than to the worldly things. They do not behave as normal children. They do not talk or play as normal children do. In fact they surprise people with their unusual questions for which others do not have any answer or any understanding. That is why the indigos many a times are treated with doubt. They may take religious path to explore spirituality.  However, they never get attached to any particular religious practice but limit their involvement only to spiritual explanations a religion can offer. Indigos are believed to experience synchronicities quite often like time 11:11 in a watch or interact with supernatural entities like angels and ghosts. On the contrary, the indigos find it difficult to get themselves accustomed to man-made technologies like mobiles and computers and also do not feel comfortable in sharp artificial light.

7.You Have A Goal

It is not easy for an indigo to be successful in his life. If you are indigo, you will always remain disturbed by the challenges this world is throwing at you. You are seen as a unique creature different from the majority of people and you are bound to face a lot of hurdles in your path. World will look at you through the eyes of its laid down political, social, racial systems, will judge you by your financial status and will try to dump you if you do not come up to their norms or standards. Still, because of your special abilities you are gifted with, you will always try to discover ways and means to establish your purpose of life and work towards achieving it.   If you listen to your inner voices attentively, you shall be able to find the like-minded few people. Connect with them and do what you are meant to do in your life. You will do your bit to make it a better world.

Your peculiarities as indigos can never be negated. People come and go, but you are the special ones who come and make a positive impact on the lives of others by your deeds. You have been gifted with special powers to do it and in turn you can gift the world a better future.

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