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Higher level of consciousness; 5 principles.

1.Have an open mind.

Open yourself up to the idea that there are higher levels of consciousness available, that maybe all spiritual and quantum physic teachings are right and we do create what we see. Particles do not create particles themselves, there must be a higher intelligence flowing through each and everything throughout our universe that sets things into motion. Because is is inherent in all of the universe creations we are able to co-operate with it, when we raise our level of consciousness we become more “in tune” with this higher intelligence. The mind is limitless, all the limits we think we have, we created with the way that we think. When we open our minds we create opportunities to new possibilities and circumstances. If you keep thinking the way you always thought, you’ll keep creating the same circumstances for yourself. Open your mind and you’ll open new doors.

2.Don’t care what other people say.

Caring what other people say will only cost you your energy. Powerful energy that you could use to create better circumstances for yourself rather than what other may think or not think. Your happiness or the achievements of your goals should never depend upon other people. There will always be people who criticize you, or who don’t believe in your dreams and your task is to not give them any of your thoughts. Do not let the outer noise have any influence on your inner picture. “Care what other people say and you will always be their prisoner.”-Lao Tzu-

3.Pay attention to your inner values.

Pay attention to your thoughts. When your inner dialogue is straight in line with your desire you attract to yourself more of what’s inside that dialogue, whatever you place there. There is a higher awareness level available to each and everyone of us and if you live from that awareness level you will notice how the things that show up in your life are perfectly synchronized with your mind. You’ll start to notice that whatever it is thats in your energy, your thought world, will show up and the more attention you’ll give it, the more it will show up. Always choose valuable thoughts, your reward will be value in your life.

4.Love what you do.

Love what you do and you will be successful. When you love what you do you keep doing it, no one can stop you. Because you love it and not because you have to. Love is the highest frequency of energy we can measure. This means that everything you do with loving thoughts you will succeed, thoughts are energy and your circumstances in life are perfectly aligned to the frequency of your thoughts. Love and success are basically the same frequency of energy. Find your passion and build a clear vision around that picture and stay focused, don’t worry about how or when, the how and when will be presented to you, if you stay focused and in love with what you do, you are able to move mountains.


Doubt kills more dreams then failure ever will, Faith is very important, maybe most important. Believe in yourself, your inner pictures, almost like a kind of strong inner knowing that this is who you’re supposed to be, that this is who you are. Faith in your inner picture. Be grateful, think from the end and have faith, the way to get there will be shown to you. There is a higher energy, call it god, source, higher self or whatever you want, it doesn’t matter what name you give it, it doesn’t respond on a name, it responds to a feeling. your feelings and beliefs. When you become aware of what’s inside, how you feel and the thought pattern that causes the feeling you are able to change it and you are able to totally turn your life around.

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