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This Is How To Increase Human Energy According To Nikola Tesla…

Human life is all about energy. The basic principle of it is to save energy. If you feel good about something, it is a direct response to your psychological needs of energy and our life works relentlessly to work in the most energy efficient way.

Life strongly seeks energy in every form. And, therefore, unknowingly we try to get it through means that would offer the minimum resistance. We love foods that are high on calorie, because more calorie means more energy. Whenever someone questions our beliefs we refuse to see their arguments, because changing our beliefs demand huge amount of energy. That is why, we feel depressed in the absence of sunshine, because the source of energy is not present around. In short, our every response is guided by our quest for energy.

If any of our momentary response causes waste of our energy, it takes up more sustainable energy in the future. Understanding this reaction demands great level of intelligence. Only if we be conscious of the fact and continuously put our effort to restrict ourselves in such wasteful activities, we can be successful.

We must first understand the source of our energy and learn how to gain more energy. Raising our level of consciousness and increasing our intelligence is the key to nurture the energy resources.

Let us explore how Nikola Tesla discussed the most essential source of human energy and the steps he suggested for increasing our energy and evolve as a better species.

Increasing the energy level lets you raise your consciousness to a much higher level. If we try to explain this systematically, the longer we nurture this effort to harness energy, the stronger consciousness we attain and receive more intelligence from The Universe. As a result of this, we become successful in integrating more intelligence in our existence.

Let us see from where we get this energy.

In our everyday life we experience the presence of energy in numerous forms. When we see the seas to rise and fall, the wind to move, the rivers to flow, the rain, hail and snow to pour down, the noises from the surroundings; the delicious smell wafting out of the kitchen, the beautiful flowers blooming in riotous colors we see the expression of energy. Every perceptible and subtle movement is happening because of the energy around us.

This energy is emanating from one source– the sun.

The sun is the source of every iota of energy that we receive. It supplies the every bit of energy we need to sustain our lives in this earth.

Increasing the human energy

If we closely observe the life of Nikola Tesla we would be able to find the answers to the question on how to increase human energy level. His vegan lifestyle, his obsession with free energy and his dislike for ignorance and stupidity show the ways to attain greater energy level in human life.

There are three steps to increase human energy.

The first step towards increasing human energy will be to increase human mass.

Speed can be considered as the expression of energy. So, to put it with the help of an example, let us consider a train that needs to carry one more carriage. If we add one more wagon to it, three things may happen.

If the speed of the carriage is same as the train, the velocity of the train may increase slightly. If the carriage has a lower velocity than the train, then its speed will reduce to some extent. But, if the carriage has a great velocity, the speed of the train will increase by a great degree.

Now let us translate it in to a real life situation. If a child in the family has the same degree of enlightenment as their parents creating a mass of ‘same velocity,’ the energy of the family will increase as the number of members added. If, on the other hand the children are less intelligent or more intelligent, the energy of the family will decrease or increase slightly, respectively. But, if the children are significantly more intelligent, or a mass of ‘higher velocity,’ then the family will have the next generation that has considerably more amount of human energy.

Nikola Tesla says if one adds more muscle to his or her body, it is equivalent to adding mass having ‘smaller velocity’. He does not consider this to be a preferred idea of increasing overall energy level. But, according to him, if one maintains the right balance between his or her mind and body and supports it with moderate exercise, it will take them towards higher energy level.

Food is surely one of the major contributor increasing body mass. Food is nothing but a form of processed sunlight. We all know that plants prepare their foods with the help of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen with the process of with their photosynthesis. This cannot happen in the absence of sunlight. As a result it produces CHO or fat molecules that we consume as food and in turn burn for releasing energy. The actual energy therefore comes from obtaining the free photons from sunlight in between the chemical bonds. These stored photons produce heat in the form calories. Therefore, we consume nothing else but sunlight.

Vegetables, fruits or meat, whatever we consume has CHO molecules in it– that has been created by the plants. The energy absorbed by the plants got transferred in to our body, which is the sunlight.

This will explain why consuming green vegetables, fruits etc. is better in terms of energy, which is equivalent to adding mass of ‘higher velocity’ that is directly obtained from the plants. On the other hand, consuming meat is like having unused CHO that has been already consumed by an animal, and naturally has lower energy level.

Tesla openly says that he considers consuming vegetables is wiser and terms veganism as a ‘commendable departure’ from our established barbarous habits. It is a proven fact that by consuming only plant food we can perform better and more efficiently. Around the world we can see many communities that are exclusively on vegan diet and still maintain a great physique and show superior physical strength. Some vegetarian foods, such as oatmeal, are not only more economical than meat, but superior as well in terms of both mechanical and mental performance.

Tesla also pointed out the limitations we impose on us by consuming ‘second hand food’ like meat. It stops us from becoming a more evolved and intelligent race and farther away from species nearer to animals.

He says, a dramatic change in our food habit is needed to curb our animalistic intuitions and cravings that restrict us from attaining a life full of higher level of energy. He calls for a ‘radical reform’ in the nature of our food.

Tesla identifies few activities like gambling, rush for business and momentary excitement that result in reduction of mass.

When people indulge in addictive things like tobacco, tea, coffee, wine or whisky that work as instant stimulants they shorten their lives. Tesla warns everyone to consume such items in moderation. However, he does not support adopting rigorous measures for suppressing habits that we have developed through generations. He puts moderation much ahead of abstinence.

In conclusion we can say that one should consume foods that get energy directly from the sun. We should not indulge in unnecessary growth of our body that would consume more energy. Stay away from habits that waste energy and habits that are addictive in nature, and do not engage in something that only satisfies your ego. By following these we would be able to add one carriage with great velocity to our ‘human train’ and move forward at a greater speed.

The second step to increase human energy will be to stop practices that retard human mass.

Tesla, being a scientist, puts it in a beautiful way. He describes the retarding factors that restrict our forward movement to have partially frictional and partially negative impacts.

Some factors like stupidity, ignorance and imbecility would create frictional forces to stop one’s forward movements.

On the contrary, absence of a clear vision, self-destructive habits, insanity, religious fanaticism etc. will create the negative forces to stop your advancements.

Since these two types of factors are quite different in nature, one will have to adopt different approaches to overcome them. For example, you may know how a religious fanatic may think and accordingly take precautionary measures to tackle him, enlighten or convince him and even can direct him to change his vice to virtue. But, you may never know how a beast or stupid person may behave and therefore treat his as a mass that does not have a mind of his own with an aim to restrict his mad elements.

Negative forces have an advantage over frictional forces. Negative forces quite often have high quality elements that are perhaps directed at the wrong directions but can always be brought to work in our favor. But for directionless, frictional forces that is not possible and there always will be some unavoidable losses. So, your aim should be to direct all negative forces in to the right track and try to reduce frictional forces around you.

In other words, frictional forces do not have the qualities that negative forces have. Frictional forces are directionless and ignorant whereas negative forces have some qualities that can be directed in the right direction to take you forward in life. Therefore, frictional forces will, in majority of the cases, cause in loss of energy, but, negative force can be used intelligently to increase the human energy significantly. All you have to do is to find the proper direction and focus.

Tesla considers ignorance to be most powerful frictional force that retards human life. The man of knowledge, Lord Buddha also said, “Ignorance is the greatest evil in the world.” Ignorance creates the frictional force that gets multiplied by many times due to various nationalities and languages. The only way to stop this force would be to spread knowledge and unify the diverse elements of humankind. Nikola Tesla concludes this to be the best effort one can make towards attaining greater energy.

His advice to people would be to maintain a positive balance between your talents and drawbacks; create a linkage between dark and light and unite everyone towards a common, superior goal.

With learning, kindling curiosity and lowering the level of ignorance of people and making them knowledgeable about our Universe, this goal can be achieved.

Purification of your chakras also helps in reducing the retarding forces working against our energy. Like bathing, it purifies our soul. When energy flows through your body without any hindrance, it reduces the frictional forces on you. It also lowers wastage of energy by combating the negative sentiments that are obstructing your pool of energy.

Tesla says, war must not be stopped abruptly as that will have rather worse effect than the war.

He says, war is kind of negative and harmful force, and you cannot transform it in a positive one without going through the transient or intermediary phases. The way you cannot make a rotating wheel move in the reverse direction without lowering its speed, stop it and the speed it up again to rotate at the opposite direction, war cannot be stopped immediately.

So, our effort should be not to stop the war but to redirect it towards achieving a mutual goal for the betterment for the humanity. For instance, we should spend our energy in exploring our galaxy instead of fighting with each other. Again, this should be done with a subtle and gradual manner and not abruptly.

Nikola Tesla considered war as a negative force rather than a force of friction that can be redirected into right direction. He says, if a person is not capable of fighting for a noble cause, he or she will not be good of anything worthwhile.

According to Tesla, in future war will be fought and won with the power of intelligence and not with sheer physical force.

If we see our history of evolution, this becomes quite clear. At the beginning, people who were physically strong ruled the earth. But, people who were physically weak channelized their energy in developing primitive weapons made of sticks and stones to soon fight out the stronger men. Now, the wars are controlled by men who have superior intelligence and they run the warfare from a room and smoking their cigars. So, the physical elements involved in war have become completely irrelevant and it is the intellect that drives its fate.

To summarize we can say, one should use their capabilities to guide their drawbacks. Finding peace and eliminating the frictional forces within and around would lead you towards greater level of energy.

The third step to increase the human energy would be to accelerate the force in order to increase human mass.

Tesla says, the third factor for rising human energy is the most significant and challenging one due to both its inherent consequences and its immediate impact on all other factors and conditions that determine the path of development of humanity.

So, the question is how we can augment the force that is propelling the human mass.

The easiest way to achieve this will be to spend additional energy and spending it in the well-organized manner and towards the right direction.

Our earth moves with the help of a system that has been created by the machinery developed with our power of motive. You will find the mass collectively to move in a systematic manner and not in a chaotic way, like precision clockwork. Decreasing our power of motive even unintentionally will result in locking ourselves in the very system created by us.

So, if you wish to increase human energy, you will have to increase your motive power. When you continuously work towards increasing your motive power you experience an ever increasing level of individual energy. Motive power is the work we perform. Therefore, in order to increase motive power, we will have to work more and accelerate the force, resulting in great human energy.

Is there a way to increase energy continuously? Will there be a position of saturation beyond which one cannot perform more work? Is it not be harmful or unhealthy for a human being to surpass that point?

There lies a secret. If you apply all your willpower in the right direction with the aim of combined human movement, your efforts not only become most efficient but you also achieve more by spending less energy.

In this process mutual energy of every human being can be increased by working collectively towards the mutual goal.

Take for example the instance of working of a wheel. In order to make it start moving you will have to apply huge force to break its momentum. But, when it starts rotating, if you apply force in the right direction, you would need lesser amount of force to make it rotate faster. Subsequently, with very little effort you can rotate it much faster and continuously.

The same way, human energy can be increased by many times.

Energy is the only component in our Universe that is everlasting in nature. Irrespective of its use your energy will always be there with you and wane out if you do not channelize it properly. You must focus it into the right direction to get its maximum benefits.

When you direct your energy the right way, it will get accumulated and subsequently, you will have to spend lesser attempt and energy to achieve more in life.

It is true for an individual and for the entire Universe.

Tesla offers another answer to the great question of increasing human energy: human energy can be increased manifold by accelerating human movement towards making use of Sun’s energy more and more.

This can be accomplished when we would direct our labors on creating sustainable means of producing energy; keeping our earth clean; eradicating hunger; directing our research on space programs and educating the people.

In conclusion it can be said that when you focus your power of motive and labors towards a unified goal and move in the correct direction it will accelerate your velocity and you would reach your objective with less effort. When you practice this over a long time, you would need less effort and attain more.


If you want to expand your energy dynamics using fewer resources, you will have to gain it from the right source;

If you wish to conserve your energy, do not let frictional forces retard your movement forward;

If you work collectively with fellow human beings to achieve common goals, you enhance your energy with the help of others’ energy;

When you add more energy, do not waste energy and use the energy in the right direction, you will require less to attain more in life. This can be done with increasing human mass, reducing forces that are retarding in nature and increasing the force that accelerates the mass of the human being. When you use this process with reasons, you achieve more with less.

So, get more, waste less, spend your energy efficiently and learn continuously.

This is the secret formula that Nikola Tesla teaches us to increase the combined human energy.

This is also the only way to increase our intellect and develop as a better species.

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