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New Research Shocks Scientists: Human Emotion Physically Shapes Reality!

There were three studies of different kinds, conducted by three teams of scientists unrelated to each other, all striving to prove an amazing event. However, a fourth research when conducted showed that there was a link between the three previous studies, the scientists found that there was a stunning realization hiding amongst the facts.

It was discovered that human emotions can change the literal world we live in. Not simply the person’s perception of how they view the world, but the complete reality of how the world functions.

In the first study, scientists isolated a strand of Human DNA and declared it a control. This isolated container of DNA was then placed near a test subject. When the donor of the DNA was subjected to emotional stimuli in a completely different room, the emotions experienced by the donor caused the DNA to be affected too.

The DNA tightened when there were negative emotions, and relaxed under the stress of positive emotions.

It was concluded from this study that Human emotions can give rise to effects that go against the conventional law of physics.

In the second study, a team of scientists extracted white blood cells (Leukocytes) from different donors and placed them in isolated chambers to measure the electrical changes in the cells. The donors were, once again, given emotional stimulation in the form of video clippings, ensuring they felt a wide variety of emotions.

It was found that the DNA that was placed in the separate chamber displayed similar peaks or troughs as the emotions experienced by the donors. When measured using electrical responses, it was found that the DNA showed the same response as the donor at the exact moments.

There was no time lag in transmitting the electrical stimuli from the donor to the DNA, as the emotional peaks and troughs occurred at the same time as those experienced by the donors.

This intrigued the scientists enough that they tested if distance made a difference to effects on the isolated DNA. But when they received the same results even after a fifty-mile distance between donor and DNA, they stopped their testing. There was absolutely no time lag or transmission time between the two.

This study concluded that Donor and DNA can communicate with each other outside of time and space, as they both had the same responses at the same time.

The third study was also conducted on similar lines. It was observed in this study that the Human DNA can cause changes in the physical world that it is in.

It has been observed that light photons which make up the physical world continue to exist even in a vacuum, even though their natural locations may be randomly selected.

When Human DNA is entered into such a vacuum, it is found that the light photons do no continue to act in a random manner. They begin to adapt themselves to the geometry of the DNA.

Scientists claimed that this meant that the photons were reacting in a surprising and counter-intuitive manner. They declared that this caused them to accept that the Human DNA caused a new field of energy to arise about it.

It was concluded in this study that the Human DNA is capable of changing the behaviour of the light photons that make up the physical world about us.

A fourth research that was independently conducted found out that all three previous studies and their results were co-related, it shocked the scientists.

It was found that if Human emotions affected our DNA, and our DNA makes up the world around us, then our emotions can literally affect and change the physical world around us.

And besides this, it shows that our DNA is connected to us beyond time and space. We create a reality through our emotions.

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