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5 Palm Signs when you’re born a Witch

Palm reading can uncover valuable information, providing an insight into both out physical and eternal form. There are palm signs that give us hints about our romantic life and future relationships, those that indicate the things we’re good at, and those that symbolize our inclinations. There are also those signs that give evidence that you were born a powerful witch. There are 5 in total, but you don’t have to possess them all. In fact, you don’t have to possess any because witches are often born without any sign whatsoever. Nevertheless, marks on our bodies are often remnants of our past lives, reminding us of things we’ve once had, and the following are 5 indicating a very powerful born witch.

1.The Secret Cross (aka the Mystic Cross)

Perhaps the most powerful of the palm signs, the Secret Cross is also known as the Mystic Cross. It’s a line in the shape of a cross or an X, located between the heart line and the head line. People with such lines are thought to be well acquainted with their magical powers from a very young age. They also have an instinctive inclination to the occult sciences and arcane wisdom and they possess a strong intuition, which is exactly what makes them strong witches.

Do you have the secret cross – mystic cross ?The Psychic Cross

2. The Psychic Cross

The Psychic Cross is of high importance among the palm signs. There are signs located on the root of each finger, and since each finger represents a different planetary entity, depending on the finger it’s on, the Psychic Cross can have any of a number of meanings:

Index finger: the finger of Jupiter. A psychic cross on this finger indicates that Jupiter’s good luck is on your side. Magical opportunities will occur to help you reach your goals. It also means you have an enormous capacity for magical wisdom, and the ability to absorb powerful knowledge. Wise Teachers are attracted by you, and later in life you’ll become a magical teacher yourself.

Middle finger: the finger of Saturn. It means you’re blessed by Saturn, the planet of the Witches. You are able to learn things the easy way and the tough way, since you’ve been given a very strict teacher, but you learn your magic well from your own experiences. You’ll discover that you possess great power and capacity, if you dedicate some time to yourself. Meditation is a miracle, and so is Dream Magic!

­Ring finger: the finger of the Sun. If you see a cross here, you’re blessed by the Sun and Apollo- the God of magic and prophecy. You possess the power to attract what you need in life, and you’re an enchanter. It means that your love life is a source of inspiration for your magical activities, and when you’re sexually active you find enlightenment through pleasure.

Little finger: the finger of Mercury. Mercury is associated with all sorts of magical works and divination. You’ve known the magical world since a young age, because you were born to love magic and be good at it. Mercury, or Hermes, is the wise god, and he’s blessed you by making you a powerful magus/ witch. You should use your powerful brain and heart to develop your magical abilities.

3.The Psychic Triangle

If you spot a pyramid-shaped triangle on your ring finger, then you have the Psychic Triangle. You should try harder to find your palm signs, because they’re often pale and difficult to notice. The triangle indicates that you, for some reason, have suppressed your powers. Our higher selves sometimes block our magical powers because we’ve committed some “magical crimes” in our past lives, or because we’ve used them for dark purposes. This is a defense mechanism meant to protect us from hurting ourselves. Each time we cast a ”dark” spell, meant to hurt him or intervene with his free will, we create bad karma, and it eventually comes back to us. The Psychic Triangle is a sort of prison where our magic is locked up. It can also mean that perhaps someone else has bound our powers, because we’ve created some enemies in the past life. The key to releasing our powers is love and acceptance of ourselves and others, when we forgive we can become strong witches once again. Of course, spell breaking ritual, cleansing and a power awakening spell can also be helpful!

4.The Healer’s Mark

Four or more parallel line at the stem of the little finger, is a sign that a person is a powerful healer. This is a person with incredible ability to touch the hearts of people, and help them heal bot their emotional and physical scars. Such people are often doctors, psychologists and life coaches. They live a life of healing and helping others. 4-5 lines indicate a powerful healer; 6-7 mean that the person is destined t become a healer; and 8 or more are a sign that the person has mastered the art of Healing already in the previous life. The more numerous the lines, the more powerful the gift.

5.Astral Travel Lines

These lines are a sign of a natural ability to transcend time and space. If you have them, you probably travel the astral plane more than you realize. You have the power to become a great magus/ witch, since you have the ability to project in the astral plane. Shamans, witches and magi travel the astral plane in search for information. From here they can heal, cast spells and communicate with ferries and other entities. You’re an astral magus!

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