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People Who Fart In Front Of Their Partners Have A More Lasting Relationship

The title sounds curious for sure. Farting isn’t the first thing you think of when considering ways to strengthen a relationship. But it’s actually pretty safe to say, that openly farting in the presence of your partner can keep a relationship going for a whole lifetime.

Bodily functions and physiological needs are things most people prefer to do in private, rather than in front of an audience. Maybe because we feel the need to appear perfect so as to make our partners love us. Or maybe simply because it’s gross. But as times passes, this usually changes.

Author of books on family psychology Leah Decesare, has written a research paper which confirms the assumptions that a lasting relationship is based on complete trust and sincerity, and we achieve this through being as natural and as true to ourselves as possible.

She’s published a book called ‘Naked parenting’ where she speaks about the secrets of lasting relationships and suggests how to properly raise children.In her book she tells us how the first time she farted in front of her husband changed their relationship forever. Her husband realized at that very moment that he was going to be with her for life. And this is most true, if it’s the woman who farts in front of her partner.

Women are seen as delicate and fragile, and the nature of fating in the presents of the partner, makes them more attractive by creating empathy between the two.

As far as farting with a wider audience goes, it’s better to hold it in.

And for your partner it shouldn’t be an issue.

Farting is as natural a function as laughing, crying or eating, so it’s best that you get on farting in front of your partner right away.

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