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The Biggest Cover-up Ever, Unveiled – The “Third – Eye” Our Pineal Gland!

The epiphysis cerebri or epiphysis, more commonly known as the pineal gland and the third eye can be found in the vertebrate brain.

This small endocrine gland produces melatonin (from serotonin). Melatonin is responsible for modulation of sleep cycles and seasonal functions. This pine shaped cone in the center of our brain can be found tucked in a groove where the two thalamic hemispheres of our brain become one.

Extensive researches have been carried on by powerful organizations regarding this pineal body without the knowledge of the common mass.

Why have we been kept out of this secret?

So that you must know, I shall reveal that this third eye has capabilities of detecting the frequencies of the spiritual world. If activated, you can have feelings deeper than those humanly possible, an ecstasy that equals paradise, a oneness unshakable. Meditation, yoga and multiple obscure practices that were started before the medieval ages had only one goal: to tune the third eye in a proper sense.

If a human is successful in doing the aforementioned, astral travel and flicking over other dimensions would be at the snap of his fingers! Astral projection or remote viewing can be achieved with proper tuning of the pineal gland. If one attains the expertise of tuning in and out the third eye, one can master the thoughts and actions of people all over the world.

Sounds strange?  Weird ?  Uncanny? Well, the former Soviet Union government didn’t think so. Research has been done and information far more bizarre than what I wrote has been found regarding this weird little gland. It is all fact, as are you and I.

The Roman Catholics and the Egyptians have known the perks of this gland since times immemorial. The Roman paintings depicting pine cones are actually indicating towards this gland. If you scrutinize the U.S. dollar bill, you’ll notice an “all seeing eye”. It is an indication towards the pineal gland and its immense power to invade the thoughts of other humans.

There have research reports that confirm that chemicals are released in the brain between one and four a.m. that trigger a feeling of oneness in a varied sense.

The cover-up: They’re killing your Pineal Gland!

Our Pineal glands are capable of absorbing far more fluoride than any other physical part of us (including skin, eyes and bones). It was a fact established by Jennifer Luke, an eminent scientist of the 90’s. Pineal gland to fluoride relation can be compared to magnet – iron relationship.  However, fluoride is very harmful to the functioning of the gland, making it null.

Once exposed to fatal amounts of fluoride, it can render the pineal gland completely useless. So all that sodium fluoride you’re consuming is going to that “third eye”. Fluoride is an enemy of only one gland in our body, a gland whose sole enemy is fluoride – the pineal gland.

Sadly, its clutches are inescapable; Sodium fluoride is present in everything we consume, even water. In fact, the United States adds 90% of it in its water supply. Filters are ineffective against sodium fluoride – the only solution is a distillation, an expensive process.

Sodium fluoride can also be tested positively in toothpaste and mouthwashes, cold drinks and snack, every possible thing in the market. The Nazis and the Russians are to be blamed for this – they were the ones to introduce it in water in order to render their enemies passive.

I am not a fanatic and neither are the scientists. But every being in this world would agree with one simple fact: Oneness is important to sustain life on earth.

We are slowly being enslaved by the corporate world and by the mystic ruthlessness of the government. Our spiritual level is almost finishing off, courtesy the intake of fluoride. We are getting more and more disconnected. However, those who are persistent and are on the path of enlightenment are attaining success – the best example would be saints. Penance is rewarded.  Period.

Image source via Conscious Reminder

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