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Here are the 4 most powerful zodiac signs. Are you one of them?

Aries, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio are the most powerful signs in the Zodiac, and each of them possess certain traits that makes them more powerful than the rest. Read below to find out what it is that makes these zodiac signs different than the rest:


People born in the sign of the Aries are energetic and adventurous, with an intense and vivacious personality. They’re fearless and ready to face new challenges, to occupy a leading position, and because of this they’re always very confident. They’re also impulsive, and like to rebel and oppose the popular opinion. They express their point of view freely, and this earns them some enemies.

Their stubbornness and inability to be persuaded is infamous, but this fearlessness, energy and capacity for leadership is exactly what makes Aries powerful.


They’re known for their unpredictability, and quick change-of-mind, but people born in the sign of Cancer are also known for their persistency and strength. They’re mostly very confident people who are certain of their abilities, a trait which makes them develop an ambitious personality, both in their professional and emotional life. They ask a lot from friends and partners, and are boastful of their honesty, even though at times it comes at someone else’s cost.

Their self-confidence and perfectionism help them get and create everything they want. This is why the Cancer is one of the most powerful signs in the Zodiac.


A Leo’s most distinctive characteristic is their dominant personality, and their readiness to lead and direct. They’re natural leaders who are unafraid to endure adversity, and possess a great ability to devise and execute plans and strategies to reach life goals. Their strength of character makes them a bit arrogant, stubborn and proud.

What makes Leos some of the most powerful zodiac signs is their determination and undeniable charisma, which has the ability of moving mountains.


Scorpios possess a very strong personality, but they differ from other zodiac signs for their intensity of character. This is most obvious in emotional matters, as they’re unsettled by their intense passions that drive them until they reach their goals. They’re also very critical, somewhat arrogant and might be difficult people to live with. In love they’re also very stubborn, but passionate and involved with their partner.

Unshakable determination, consistency and capacity to achieve goals is what makes Scorpios one of the most powerful signs in the Zodiac.

Image by: hardtalkshow

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