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Press These Points For Wherever You Have Pain – Every Body Part Is In The Palm Of Your Hand

Alternative medicine has proven itself to be more effective when it comes to treating regular body pains, as opposed to conventional, Western medicine. And even though the best solution would probably be to use both, there are still some benefits that only alternative medicine can achieve.


Reflexology is a practice in alternative medicine that is based on the idea of locating various pressure points within the human body that are directly connected to different body parts, and applying pressure to them so that the pain in those body parts can be eliminated. One popular practice is using the palms to treat pains, by applying pressure for 6 seconds, then releasing the pressure for 3 seconds, and then repeating the same for a couple of minutes. Doing this regularly, a few times a day, can eliminate your body pains.

Even Dr. Oz dedicated a segment of his show to this popular practice, where his guest, Deborah Flanagan – an experienced reflexologist, invited 5 audience members who had chronic pains in various areas of their bodies and provided explanations on which area of their palms could be used to help with their issues. The audience guests problems were fatigue and sleeplessness, sinus blockage, back pains, constipation, and lowered libido.

Flanagan did a practical demonstration on how to use the palms to solve their particular problems, but also how to know whether pressuring those specific points has any effect at all. You can watch this video to see how exactly she does it.

Personally, I tried repeating the same process to see whether it works. You can also give it a try and experience it firsthand. Feel free to share your thoughts on the video and reflexology.


Watch The Video Below for more Info:



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