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12 Reasons Why Old Souls Have Such A Hard Time Finding Love

Are you an old soul or know someone who is? Here are 12 reasons being the difficult time old souls have finding love:

1.You have a strong sense of identity.

You know who you are, and you know what you want and what you don’t want in a partner, what works for you and what doesn’t. This precaution is great for choosing wisely, but it ends up making the number of potential prospects really small.

2.If left unchecked, your hyper-intuitiveness can wreck relationships.

You tend to overthink things on account of your sensitivity, your capacity for concern and making assumptions that ultimately wreck relationships that don’t have a strong foundation.3.Many are in the claws of twin flame relationships.

You’re probably attached to someone who isn’t your ‘forever’ person. It’s rather a connection meant to teach and make you grow.

4.You probably have a higher purpose that must be attended to first – one that love would distract you from.

You have a need to accomplish something for yourself before you go out searching for love. This is because old souls love deeply and completely. Being given love too soon would keep you from the other important things you were meant to do.

5.You won’t settle for anything less than soulmate love.

You require a lot more than a superficial, average relationship. You will not settle under any circumstances, and this often means going through longer periods of being alone.

6.While many people can bring you passion, few can bring compatibility.

Since you feel so deeply, and people find your ideas fascinating, it’s easy to attract attention, but finding someone to be your best friend, sincerest confidant and also lover, is quite a challenge.

7.You’re less inclined to go out and meet people in modern ways.

You might not have anything against online dating, but it seems unnatural to you, and finding random hookups in bars or going on blind dates is equally unappealing.

8.You’re natural healers, and often attract people who need help, not love.

And this attraction is reciprocated. Few things feel as good to an old soul as being able to help someone who is truly in need. But at some point, you must realize that you need a partner to be your companion in life, not a student or a charity case.

90You dislike the “game.”

You find dating exhausting, and faking it isn’t really your thing. Faking interest and suppressing habits other people find off-putting isn’t instinctive to you, and it actually stresses you instead of being fun.

10.Your standards are sky-high.

You expect big things from yourself, and from your partners as well. While this is a good thing, it’s another quality that needs to be kept in check. It’s more important to learn to accept qualities that aren’t crucial to the relationship, than to just write off a person because of a few dissimilarities.

11.You have baggage.

People who cultivate their inner self do so for a reason: you’ve probably had to cope, grow or learn from some challenging experience life has served you. While this is a good thing on its own, unresolved issues can often come up and ruffle some feathers in close relationships.

12.You feel fear as intensely as you feel love.

The amount of love you feel for someone is equal to your fear of losing them, and worst of all, not being good enough for it. You don’t just love intently, you feel everything else intently too, and this often gets in the way of the really good thing in front of you.

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