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Redheads Experience The World Differently Than Everyone Else

Their genetic makeup is a little different from the rest of the world and that’s what makes the difference.

After all, their hair is not the one and only thing that is unique…

According to “Reactions” video (see below), the genetic combinations responsible for the flaming and bright mane, work on other aspects of the body too.

To give an example, redheads are more responsive to physical pain and lower temperatures. Studies suggested that redheads might need more quantity of anaesthesia during surgeries due to the high responsiveness to pain.

Scientists have not yet exactly identified the reason behind this but they assume that a gene called MC1R, makes the difference. Redheads have a modified version of this gene, which is the primary reason for the colour of their skin and hair. The gene, most probably, manifests itself in a particular part of the brain that copes with sensation, which might lead to hypersensitivity.

Take a look at the video produced by the American Chemical Society and PBS Digital Studios, to know more about the chemical composition of a redhead. It shows that this trait is equally exceptional and peculiar internally as well as externally.

Redheads, you have always been extraordinary for us.

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