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“Scientists Found That The Soul Doesn’t Die – It Goes Straight Back To The Universe”

Off late, there is a discernible change in the way science looks at death. Until recently, death has been considered as a natural consequence of life and there is no other way after death whereby it can further extend.

However, after an extensive research undertaken by the University of Southampton, UK, very interesting observations were recorded. They found evidence of life extending beyond physical death.

The experiments spanning over four years were conducted on 2000 odd cardiac arrest patients at 15 different hospitals in UK, Austria and US.

As many as 40% of the patients surviving after resuscitation i.e. the exercise done by doctors on patients to revive them from apparent death, described their experience of some awareness during their clinical death before their heart restarted.

39% percent of the survivors recorded experiencing peaceful feeling in that short duration, some sensed as if time had slowed down or was running faster.

Some could even remember having seen a bright light or a golden flash or the sun shining. There were some who felt fear or being dragged through water or getting drowned.

But a fascinating recall was that of a 57-year-old man who narrated his almost 3-minute experience during his resuscitation. This man could correctly describe everything that happened during that short period, actions of the nursing staff, noise of the machines there as if he was standing there in a corner of the room and watching them.

He seemed unbelievably credible. It cannot be termed a hallucination, as he could correlate the actual events very authentically.

These research results are very encouraging. They not only throw light on this fascinating subject but also lay the foundation for more extensive research.

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