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All About Shadow People

We have all experienced that sensation of seeing something out the corner of our eye only to turn around to find there is nothing there. Was it really just the eyes playing tricks or could it have been a shadow person?

The phenomenon of shadow people is getting quite a bit of exposure lately with many people sharing their experiences of seeing them and looking for explanations of what they have experienced.


Parallel Dimensional Entities

There are many different theories to explain the existence of these shadow people, one of which seems to be most popular is the fact that these entities are from a parallel dimension to us. During a popular interview broadcast on Coast to Coast AM between Art Bell and Harley Reagan, Harley stated how he believed that shadow people were indeed beings from another dimension and that the phenomenon was first recorded as far back as 1153 BC.

He went on to mention that in the 20 years between 1980 and 2000, there had been a form of awakening and from the start of 2001 “the quickening” began. This quickening according to Harley was responsible for time and events speeding up more than usual raising the earths frequencies which made the shadow people from another dimension more visible as the frequencies began to raise.

Harley refers to the shadow people as inorganic beings that feed on our emotional energy discharges from within their dimension. To put it simply shadow people can be considered to be a form of energy vampire.


Other Theories For Shadow People

Some people believe that shadow people are dead humans who do not want to go back from where they original came from (parallel dimension) or they simply do not understand that the home that they once had is no longer there. Another belief is that shadow people could be time travelers visiting us.


Psychological Connection

The phenomenon of shadow people can be linked to a number of different psychological and physiological conditions according to wiki. These conditions include sleep paralysis and hallucinations which could be a result of side effects from medication, recreational drug use or other physiological conditions. Sleep deprivation could also explain the illusion of shadow people as it can cause hallucinations.


Why Am I Seeing Shadow People?

If you are experiencing shadow people you may be asking yourself just why am I able to see these things? Whilst you are definitely not alone in your experience, the answer as to why they can be seen is still shrouded in mystery.

Shadow people are almost always reported to be seen at night time and hardly, if ever during the day time. The answer for this rests somewhere between quantum physics and metaphysics. It’s widely accepted in the metaphysical circle that the vibrations of our dimension here on Earth are fluctuating. As a result of this the veil between dimensions is possibly being lifted making us much more perceptive to the other dimension and this is how we are able to see these other dimensional beings that would normally be hidden from us.

Animals Can See Them Too.

We as humans are not the only ones who can see these shadow people our pets, particularly cats and dogs are much more perceptive to shadow people due to their excellent night vision. If you have ever seen your dog staring into space as if there was something there then it may well be a shadow person.

Who Can I Tell About Shadow People?

If you are seeing shadow people one of the problems you may have is finding someone that you can talk to about your experience without them thinking that you are crazy. Thankfully now thanks to the wonder of the internet more and more people are talking about the shadow people phenomenon so you should take comfort in the fact you are by no means alone in your experience.

Whilst you may not feel comfortable openly talking to some of your friends about your shadow people experience there are a number of fantastic metaphysical websites, chat rooms and forums online where you can speak to like minded people without fear of being judged or ridiculed. There are people from all over the world experiencing the same thing as you so you can take comfort in the fact your definitely not alone.

Can A Shadow Person Cause Me Harm?

A big concern you may have if you are regularly seeing shadow people in your home is if they could cause you any harm or attack you. Heidi Hollis a well known researcher into the paranormal has said that these shadow people are malevolent supernatural beings. Now while there is a remote chance that shadow people could cause you harm it would most likely be indirectly by moving objects, however it is more likely that will attack you on an emotional level as fear and other emotions is what they feed upon and what gives them their energy.

Protection From Shadow People

If you are being visited by shadow people you may feel that you need some protection, there are a number of methods that you can use which will be discussed here. Your first line of defense is to stay calm and try not to let your fear to get the better of you as this is what they feed on.

As for the practical methods of protection the first one is meditation. You should start by finding a quiet place in your home where you are not going to be disturbed by distractions. Once you are comfortable and free from distractions begin by slowing breathing in through your nose and filling your lungs with as much air as possible, hold it in the solar plexus area of your chest then slowly exhale through your mouth. As you are performing this breathing exercise you can also try a relaxation technique at the same time.

Lower your chin down towards your chest and then slowly return your head back to its starting position. Next rotate  your head from side to side and then return your head to its original position. Lower your chin to your chest once more but this time rotate your head in a clockwise direction, repeat this process once more turning your head anti clockwise. Repeat this process a few times while you perform your deep breathing.

Now you have completed this calming exercise you are almost ready to begin meditating. Close your eyes and ask your guardian angels and spirit guides for their protection as you meditate. Your spirit guides and angels are always with you waiting to assist you.

Visualize a warming white light coming from the very center of your body extending outwards slowly as it begins to envelop you from head to toe. If you can try and fell this beautiful light hitting all of your extremities, this is your divine energy or spark that will keep you safe and protected from anything that would cause you harm.

Extend this protective light just as far as you wish maybe to cover the room your in or even the entire house. Just know that with this light you are safe.


Another practical measure you can take if you feel that your home is being visited is by shadow people is smudging. Smudging is the practice of burning herbs such as sage (ideal for shadow people protection) and allowing the smoke to wash over where you want protection. Smudge the windows and doorways to every room inside your home and connecting hallways. Whilst you are performing the smudging you could speak out loud letting the shadow people know they that they are not welcome.

What The Skeptics Are Saying

Naturally as you would expect the skeptics out there will simply dismiss the notion of shadow peoples existence as the result of overactive imagination or natural explanations such as sleep deprivation.

This is understandable as the subject matter can seem a little out there to some but the sheer number of people worldwide describing the same experiences seems to contradict what the skeptics are saying. Until the day comes where someone gets a shadow person to sit down for a one on one interview then the reasons for how and why we can see them may not fully be explained. However if you are one of the many people worldwide that is experiencing seeing shadow people then hopefully you can use the protection techniques described above to keep you safe.


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