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10 Signs From Heaven That The Spirit Of Your Deceased Loved One Is Nearby

Death of a loved one is a very big loss to all of us. Nobody likes to lose one and when it happens, it is very difficult to wipe off the memories. Some people believe, even though the loved ones are no more, they try to communicate with you in different ways.

Though there is no scientific proof, but there are numerous examples of people having communicated with their deceased loved ones or having felt their presence.

They Come In Our Dreams

During our sleep, our subconscious mind is more sensitive and can easily connect to the higher energies of the outer world.  The spirits of the deceased whom we loved so much can give their appearance to us during that time vividly. In such cases we suddenly wake up from our sleep. They may give you some important message in the dream.

 Smell Their Perfume

There are examples of people experiencing smell of the perfumes the dead used. You can very clearly recognize this.

Things Change Place

This is a common experience people reporting that they distinctly remembered having put something somewhere and later found it somewhere else. People say that the objects the deceased used during their lifetime might be misplaced easily.

A Sentimental Song

On radio you listen to a sentimental song that suddenly reminds you of your lost loved one. It happens suddenly on random basis and you feel the presence or a message through the song.

Sudden Thoughts

All on a sudden you get some thought. This is the way the spirit of your dead loved one trying to get in touch with you. You are doing something else or your mind is somewhere else and suddenly you get a new thought. It can be anything. Suddenly a thought comes in your mind that you might have left the gas knob open in the kitchen. You go there and find it to be true. How this happens is not clear but you feel that the deceased did warn you about.

Gift Of Love

When you are desperate and do not expect a miracle, it happens. It can be anything material or a simple phone call. It need not be expensive as such. But then it is a gift of love and care the deceased showers on you. You are surprised, you feel energized to ward off the negative feeling and start afresh.

The Savior

Have you ever thought how a savior suddenly jumps into your life? You come across the right person at a time when you wanted the most. He pulls you out of difficulty you are in and guides you to a better path. He is the ray of hope for you when you had lost all. You must hold the outstretched hand; it is for you only arranged by your dead loved one. This shows that he still cares for you.

 Just After Death

Famous spiritual thinker James Van Praagh believes that the deceased does not leave the place immediately after death. The spirit stays there for some time until the last rituals are over. It is a common experience people feel presence of the deceased during that period. A gentle pat on the back or caressing the cheek is sign to show that the deceased is trying to console the family and friends.

 Animal Sense

Animals are said to have much higher sensitivity to the spiritual existence. Their perception to the metaphysical things is greater than that of human beings. A pet that was attached to the deceased when alive can be seen to sense his presence fast and gives signals accordingly like a cat mewing or a dog barking or wagging its tail. Conversely, if a pet dies, it makes its presence felt to the owner too.

Demonstrate By Deeds

Sometimes the spirits are believed to let you feel their presence by doing something they used to do in their lifetime. This can be closing the door or switching off the light or anything similar.

These are certain common signs through which your deceased loved ones show that they are nearby only. They are watching you. This may look strange but there are many examples of it experienced by a lot of people across the world.

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