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If You Have These 31 Signs Indicates You Are a Highly Gifted Spiritual Healer

Since the beginning of time, mankind has been overly curious about metaphysics and its secrets. Many of these secrets are yet to be revealed.

The human body is one of the most spiritual creations on the planet Earth. It has a connection that runs far deeper than blood to every living and non-living thing present on Earth. In its entireenormity, the human race is gifted with powers that are special. Some of us are more of a blessing to the mankind with special powers to heal and ease. Spiritual gifts are known to be passed on to generations over generations, so yes; a healer is most probably to be found in a family of healers.

A spiritual healer may not have the ability to cure ailments of the physique but is gifted with a power to ease depression and angst. They have the ability to help a person reach a level of enlightenment and can prove to be very useful for the souls of the wretched.

Healers are known to be succumbed by depression – what else do you expect from a person who keeps drinking the poison off other people’s lives. They usually ignore their own issues and carry the emotional burden of the society. Yet, they don’t let themselves reach the breaking point, they brave it all with a serene face because they know the world beckons them, that their roles are indispensable!

In this fast-paced era of the internet, where we are exposed to a number of issues, spiritual healers are crucial. They say the power to heal ourselves reside within us. They are just the glow signs that help us find the power. They are epitomes of knowledgeable people and impart wisdom to the common man.

Spiritual healers are one of those leaders that help in the transfusion of mankind towards a better tomorrow full of faith and spirituality. The global shift of consciousness that we are undergoing is assisted by many of these spiritual leaders. If you’re one of them, you probably knew it before reading it.

These are the 31 symptoms that are an indicator of a healer’s authenticity:

  1. Healers are hopeless empaths. They see your problems as their own; feel them to the deepest point possible. Empathy is ingrained in them right from birth.
  2. Healers think big, think significant. They don’t care about the when and the where they’re more concerned about the big picture – the outcomes.
  3. They’re usually the isolated ones, the ones who are content with their own company – rather, the ones who are treated as outcasts by the society.
  4. Public and social meetings devastate them.
  5. They’re the matchmakers, the peace lovers, the ones who end fights between people.
  6. They’ve had a rough encounter with their own angst and depression issues, at least once.
  7. Their thought process is unique
  8. Sessions of depression are common for them, they don’t mind it!
  9. Reading others has never posed a problem for them and their gut instincts are stronger than anybody else’s.
  10. They are very aware of energy and its presence.
  11. At times of need, they are the first people to turn to. They always seem to be a confidant of more than a person.
  12. They feel exhausted after being in the company of people.
  13. People tend to leave all their emotional burdens on healers and surprisingly, healers never complain.
  14. They are very careful about the balance of nature and of the inter-dependence of beings and strive to maintain it.
  15. Their family members are usually doctors, nurses, psychologists, therapists or massage therapists.
  16. They are often subjected to severe losses in life, like war, near death experiences, loss of loved ones, physical or sexual abuse, mental strain, etc.
  17. Nothing is a coincidence for them; it is the interplay of nature and the game of synchronicity.
  18. Grey is their thought process, no blacks and no whites.
  19. Animals and children always love spiritual healers. It is because they are sensitive beings full of purity and can sense the aura of peace that a healer is surrounded with.
  20. Digestive issues and lower back pains are constant in their lives. This is because their solar plexus chakra is often exposed to harm.
  21. The darkness of the soul is revealed to them in the fullest.
  22. Autoimmune diseases and chronic pains are often on their plates.
  23. They usuallyhave electromagnetic hypersensitivity.
  24. They are the best listeners ever.
  25. They have had the pleasure of going through a spiritual awakening.
  26. They use the right side of their brain more than their left.
  27. They often find themselves stuck in self-sacrificing roles in order to help others.
  28. If given a chance to choose their profession, they’ll choose something to do with healing and help people.
  29. They can control the energy within them and can distinguish between different energies easily.
  30. They’ve gone through numerous mystical incidences.
  31. They can control their dreams with ease. Even their thoughts and emotions in a dream are under their control.

If you’ve ever experienced even half of these symptoms, you’re different. You’re a healer – a gift to the mankind.

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