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The Spiritual Truth Why American Indians Would Keep Long Hair? A Tale Untold

Society has imposed the notion that hair is a matter of personal preference, style and/or convenience. To most people how they wear their hair is simply a cosmetic matter. But a curious event from during the Vietnam War, places hair in a very different light.

During the Vietnam War, undercover experts from the military searched American Indian Reserves for talented navigators. They were on the look for strong, young men who could move stealthily across rough terrain. They were particularly interested in finding men with superior, if not supernatural, tracking abilities. And before the military approached them, these carefully selected men’s skills for survival and tracking were extensively documented.

Then, with the use of the usual recruitment tactics, some of these Indian trackers were enlisted. But once they were, whatever skills and talents they exhibited on the reserve seemed to vanish into thin air. In the field, recruit after recruit failed to perform as expected. Failures and fatalities led the government to conduct some expensive research on these recruits. When asked about their failure to perform well, the older recruits replied almost without exception, that when they received the mandatory military haircut, they could no longer ‘sense’ the enemy. They couldn’t access their ‘sixth sense’, their intuition became unreliable and they became unable to read subtle signs, or access subtle extrasensory information.

And so the researching institute recruited more Indian trackers, but this time let them keep their hair, and then tested them in different areas. They paired men with the same test scores, let one of them keep his long hair, and the other got a military haircut. Then they let them retake the tests. Each time the man with the long hair got a high score, and the one with the short hair kept failing the tests he previously aced.

Here’s an example of such a test: the recruit is sleeping out in the woods, when an armed ‘enemy’ approaches. The long-haired man is woken by a strong sense of danger, a long time before the enemy even comes near and produces any sounds or signs. In another instance, the long-haired man senses the physical attack from afar, thanks to his ‘sixth sense’, but he stays still, pretending to be asleep, surprising the attacker when he reaches down to strangle him.

The man who underwent these tests went on to have his hair cut, and subsequently failed the tests he previously passed. And so Indian trackers were exempt from having their hair cut, were even required to keep their hair long.

Evolution has designed the human body in such a way, that at times our skills of survival seem almost supernatural. Everything on our bodies has a purpose in the survival of the system as a whole, and there’s a reason for every part of it.

The hair is an extension of the nervous system, a sort of exo-nervous system comprised of highly evolved ‘feelers’ or ‘antennae’ that transmit huge amounts of external information to the brain stem the limbic system, and the neocortex. Not only is hair (including facial hair in men) a kind of information highway leading to the brain, but it also emits energy, and electromagnetic energy transferred by the brain into the outside world. This energy is evident when comparing photographs of people with long hair and photos of them with their hair cut.

Cutting the hair inhibits our communication of information with the environment, and the result is becoming desensitized. Short hair is a contributing factor to the ignorance regarding environmental distress in local ecosystems. It also influences sexual frustration, and makes us insensitive in relationships of any kind. Just like in the biblical story of Samson and Delilah, the hair is the source of our greatest strength.

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