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How To Stop Absorbing Other People’s Negative Energy

It is quite natural for any normal person to be compassionate towards others. It’s just humane to feel about others’ sorrows and try to help them out. However, if you move one step further i.e. when you start bothering about it too much to the extent as if those sufferings were yours, then the trouble begins.  You start living other people’s life.

This is called empathy and is not a good sign. You are filled with negative energy that is neither going to help you nor the others. This will bog you down and stop you from any positive response. You must learn to protect yourself from this negative energy.


You Cannot Make Everybody Happy

The world around you is full of different kinds of people with different expectations from you. It is impossible for anybody to do something that can make everyone happy. You cannot change their thinking, their likes and dislikes. There is no point in trying this; you will never succeed. Sooner you understand this, you will feel much better.

Learn To Say No

You should know where to draw a line beyond which you do not allow anyone to come inside. This place is reserved for you only. If you have to give someone a place in your life, you need to set your own rules for your expectations from others. You can be generous however don’t let anyone take you for granted. Sometime, somewhere you should be prepared to say “no”.

Show The Suckers Their Place

It’s not your responsibility to attend and solve others’ problems. You do it for your good relationship as long as it is valued. Otherwise, it will be just like draining yourself out where it is of no use. You pay more attention to them, they seek still more and there is no end to it. So it is better to walk out and conserve your energy for yourself.

Go Back To Nature

Nothing can be better than nature. It is the mother who embraces the child with love and refreshes him with energy. Take a break from your routine, forget everything and just enjoy the gifts of nature. You will feel rejuvenated.

Be Accountable

Only you are responsible to let your thoughts and actions be influenced by others and consequently your happiness. So be accountable to yourself and earn the freedom from the negative forces.

You have the power within yourself; discover it and use it for betterment!

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