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How To Strengthen Your Aura And Protect Yourself From Being Emotionally Drained

Does it often happen that at the end of the day you feel as though you’ve run a marathon, even if the only thing you’ve been doing is talking to people? Well, you’re not the only one. You have a finite amount of energy, and it can only get you so far throughout the days. If you want to optimize your energy and maintain a happy, healthy aura, it might be useful to find out a little more about what drains you.

What causes Aura Drain?

In our modern day and age, it’s common for people to make tiny mistakes that have a significant influence on their aura. The list of things weakening your aura includes:

-Lack of exercise

-Alcohol, drugs and tobacco

-Poor diet

-Lack of fresh air

-Insufficient rest


You should try to learn better habits. If you have trouble finding the motivation to follow healthy habits, just think of the toll these things take on your physical help, and try to imagine what it does for your body’s energy.

What can you do to maintain a healthy aura?

Technique #1: Prevent yourself from getting drained

If you come to the realization that the presence of and interaction with certain people leaves you feeling exhausted, it might be that people are unintentionally stealing your energy. These people use others’ energy to supplement their own, rather than creating it themselves. If you’ve been told by someone that they feel much better after talking to you, this might be exactly what’s happening. However, you need to be in complete control when it comes to your energy. To stop people from latching on to your auric energy and wasting it away, you must close your energy circuit. Currents of energy flow all around your auric field, and if you leave the circuit open, it’s easy for people to feed off of it.

How to do it?

While talking to someone who exhausts you, cross your ankles and bring your hands together by pressing your palms. This will close the circuit, and your energy will flow all around you, but not out of you. After some practice, you might heart that you’ve changed or no longer have the same positive effect on others. This is simply because they’re no longer feeding off your energy, and you feel a lot more energized at the end of the day.

Technique #2: Energy breathing technique

Your breath is essential for the revitalization and regeneration of your auric energy. One of the main reasons for weak auric energy is the lack of fresh air, and not only that, but the way you breathe is also important. Breathing through the nose warms the air before it reaches the lungs, reducing the risk of inflammation of the respiratory organs, and it also filters the air entering the body. The nostrils prevent and remove a lot of the dirt and pollution that surrounds us, promoting much cleaner breathing. Your energy is dichotomous, positive and negative, male and female, sun and moon. The balance of these is called Sushumna, and this breathing technique balances precisely this duality of the spirit.

How to do it?

Place your writing hand on your nose with your thumb on one side, and fingers on the other. Press your tongue against the roof of the mouth, but stay relaxed. Using your thumb to close the nostril (on the side of your face which is the same as your writing hand) inhale and count to four.

Then close the other nostril with your fingers (now both nostrils are closed), hold and count to 16. If it’s too much for you, begin with a smaller number and practice your way towards it. Once finished, relax your thumb (but keep the fingers pressing on the other nostril), exhale slowly and count to 8. Now breathe back in again through the open nostril, and alternate for around five to six breaths in total.

Technique #3: The Cleansing Vortex

This technique is a good visualization exercise and it’s great for cleaning out any debris of energy that might have accumulated throughout the day. It’s especially useful if you spend your days interacting with many people, some of which fill you with negative energy.

How to do it?

Find a comfortable position to sit in, and if you prefer, perform technique #2 to relax. Next, visualize a small whirlwind of crystalline white fire, about 20 feet above your head. Then visualize the small end of the funnel entering through the crown of your head and passing through your body.

It should be rotating clockwise, and you should see all the debris being burned away as it touches your aura. As it moves through you, negative energies will be swept away, until it finally exits through your feet and into the ground.

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