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This Study Will Make You Think Twice About Who You Are Getting Into Bed With

Experts have learned that a substantial minority of women who have Y chromosome gene sequences in their blood. This is thought – provoking for the reason that as you may recognize, Y chromosomes are the genes that belong to men, so females, what are they doing there and where did they originate from?

An understandable answer would be from prenatal period with a male child, since every woman who has been expecting still carries cells from her fetus within her bloodstream. Cells from the pregnancy will exist in within the mother’s blood stream and body part for the rest of her life expectancy, even if the pregnancy was concluded or else if there was a miscarriage. There is a name for this so-called situation, it is called micro-chimerism which is termed after the Greek chimera which is a legendary, horrific fire breathing animal that is made of the parts of three animals such as a lion, a snake, a goat. So that clarifies things for women without male children that still carried masculine cells in their blood stream?

A research was conducted by immunologists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in the year 2004. In the research, the scientists took the samples from around 120 females who could conceive a male child. After the research, it was found that around 21 percent of these female had male DNA. The female was then categorized into four groups in accordance with their pregnancy history:

-Group A had only female child

-Group B had one or more miscarriage (s)

-Group C had induced abortions

-Group D had at no time been pregnant earlier

The occurrence of male micro-chimerism was considerably greater in Group C, although it was still present in each group –

-Group A had only 8 per cent

-Group B had 22 percent

-Group C had 57 percent

-Group D had around 10 per cent

The conclusions of this research stated that the possible sources of micro-chimerism included know pregnancies, miscarriages, vanished male twins, love making etc. This means that through love-making there is a potential for females to hold onto male genes and DNA within their organs and blood stream for their complete lifespan.

It is said that every time you sleep with someone you are taking on a part of them within you. It is considered as a powerful allegory. The impression that as a female we are proficient of taking on actual physical DNA from the men that we sleep with was an exceptionally eye-opening part of info to stumble across.

This learning puts a whole new connotation on lovemaking. It is a holy and mystical act. A lot of folks are missing getting physical with anyone and then have forgotten what it is meant for and how significant and sacred it truly is. Getting physical is not something that is meant to be thrown around and given out so freely, it is a holy act that creates a bond between two individuals that are in love and care about each other passionately. It is so vital for us, humans to understand this. There is a lot of supremacy and inexplicable potential within this act and it has the capability to associate us with our real selves.

Many of us are holding on to a lot of voluptuous baggage from our past events. It is always good for such people to let go such instances and embrace what the past has taught us and move ahead in life with this understanding and knowledge and think through it intelligently. Hence it is very much important for us to think before we end up with anyone in the bed so that we remain happy and contended throughout our lives.

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