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11:11 Synchronicity- Are You Seeing It Too?

Most of you probably know that you’re supposed to make a wish if you catch the clock showing 11:11, but do you know the meaning behind it? Well, not only is the number connected to the fulfillment of dreams and wishes, it’s also the only time of day (in the 12-hour format) when all the digits on the clock are the same. And it seems as though for some people, it’s easier to catch precisely this time of day than for others.

In numerology, the number 11 symbolizes the link between the mortal and immortal. The idea is that when the clock strikes 11:11 heaven opens to make wishes come true. For others, 11:11 is simply a gateway or a synchronistic portal of any symbolic type. So is seeing this time constantly mere coincidence, or are there greater forces at play?

Well, there are a few reasons why this might be happening: chance, predisposition, acceleration and synchronicity.


Chance means that you just happened to see the number. Numbers are everywhere, at your job, in your room, on your phone. Unless you have some bad experience with a certain number, chances are you’ll encounter every one, two, three or four digit number at some point. Nonetheless, numbers such as 11:11, 1:11, 2:22 stick out.


Predisposition means you seem to attract particular numbers, and so you see the more often. We all have a favorite number, for whatever reason. In time we come to realize that this number is a part of thing we interact with in life: your favorite basketball player’s number, the numbers of your student ID, or the digits of your phone number. In this way, you’re predisposed to detect that number wherever you come across it.


Acceleration is the phenomenon by which, after seeing a number repeatedly, you begin to contemplate it and see it more often. As you see it more frequently, you start to ask yourself if there’s a reason why you see this particular number, and if there’s something special about it. This is when acceleration is triggered. We’re on the constant search for answers to life’s mysteries, and our subconscious often goes into overdrive trying to decipher this information.


Synchronicity, on the other hand, indicates a powerful flow of connection between seemingly different people, things, places and phenomena, which somehow manifest themselves in the form of numbers or number series. The constant occurrence of 11:11 on your phone or watch might be an indicator of your holy flow of synchronicity. Many great things in life happen all at once, like a series of wonderful moments. The digital system of keeping time is linear, and it doesn’t allow for the non-linear, irrational elements of life to come in. However, numbers like 11:11, 4:44, 12:34, 1:23 allow for the recognition of secret connections between seemingly different aspects of life, to which if we paid more attention, could guide us to even hyper-synchronicity- an essential part of the magic of life.

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