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These 10 Things Show That You’re In The Presence Of An Empath (#7 Is A Shocker!)

Some people have this strange quality of comforting you when you are down and out. These people are known as the Empaths. They have a quality of understanding the pain of others just by looking into their eyes. They possess a magnetic-like mechanism where you will get attracted towards them and even when they are complete strangers you will bare your soul to them.

If all of these have happened to you, then you are an empath. So, next time, when someone unleashes their innermost emotion to you, try not to judge them, rather give them some comforting advice.

Marshall Rosenberg, an author of Non-Violent Communication, explained that empathy is when you express through body language rather than words. It can be best described as the connection between two people over the feelings that are there in one person and the other can feel it too.

10 remarkable traits of an empath

1.They can sense disturbed minds

Not everybody is gifted to read through the lines. When someone says, ‘I’m fine’ we take it at their face value. But, an empath will read between the lines and understand the turmoil that the person is going through without them uttering a single word. They are not highly sensitive or emotional rather they have a complete understanding of their emotions and yours as well.

2.They are a lie-detector

They have this amazing power of understanding that you are lying just by looking into your eyes. Nobody loves dishonest people and so do the empaths. They cannot stand lies and deceit.

3.Negativity turns them off

The problem with an empath is that once they have felt something they cannot shrug it off their mind, even if it is full of negativity. They would stay away from stories of hatred, heartbreak or violence.

4.Crowds exhaust them

There is no fixed rule that only an introvert is an empath rather an extrovert or ambiverts can also be empaths. The reason why the empaths try to stay away from the crowds is that they absorb lots of energy from the people surrounding them and at the end of the day they get exhausted. This happens even when the empath is basically an extrovert.

5.A good advisor

Empaths are a good advisor and their sole aim is to drag you out of your misery. So, if you come across an empath and their advice, then make sure you follow their tips. It will definitely help you come out of your problems and heal you inside out.

6.Feels the same

Some people will try to console you by saying that they understand what you are going through, but an empath feels your emotion for sure. They will feel your depression, anxiety or your ill health just the way you are doing. This is the reason why you will feel connected with them instantaneously.

7.Strange acts of electronics

Though it may sound creepy, many empaths have reported that when they are around the electronic things start acting weird. Like, even when the battery is fully charged it will die out, the bulb will explode, cars come to a halt without any rhyme or reason and they will also get electric shocks out of things that generally don’t shock other people.

8.Soothing sound suits them

There are certain things like loud pitched noise, certain buzzes or textures, materials that are quite disturbing for them. They try to stay away from them and also from bright lights. They prefer to listen to soothing sounds, gentle textures, and delicate tastes.

9.They get tired very soon

Normal people get tired when they have to go through a lot on their own. Can you imagine how an empath would feel? They have to bear the brunt of their emotions and feelings along with others which can mentally drain them out completely. But, thankfully, they have their own mechanism of releasing the negative energy and protect themselves from mental drainage.

10.Stays away from narcissist

Empaths hate the narcissists like anything and they will do everything possible to stay away from them. They just smell them from a mile’s distance and won’t even the tread the path that gets past them.

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