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If you have any of these 8 traits you belong to the World’s rarest personality type

INFJ personality is a very rare kind of personality type and only two percent of the world population has this special personality.  Have you ever felt that you are different from your peers? Do you ever wonder what some people possess which makes them so rich? It is the kind of personality and mindset a person has which makes him or break him.

If you are an INFJ personality, you are bound to reach the heights of success just like many others like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Beethoven, and many others. People with this unique personality are called as “The Advocate”. INFJ stands for Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging.

You love writing!

INFJ have a very strong affinity to write and like to let out their feelings in the form of writing. They are very introvert and don’t like to interact much with people, so they let out their emotions in writing. Writing brings them peace and comfort. You don’t like to mix with a lot of people and become lonely sometimes. But you like to stay away from people and like the feeling of privacy. You don’t like to interact with large groups of people and want to keep your group of interaction as limited.

You are an Empath!

Empathy is the ability to connect to people easily, feel their emotions and understand through their energies. You have high empathy and you are the person everyone seeks when in a problem. You are always the person which gives the best advice in problems and provides emotion support to all your near and dear ones.  You empathy also helps you to read people very easily. Since, you can feel the energy of a person, you know whether the person is lying or telling the truth. Even if words say otherwise, the energy of an individual always speaks the truth. You are not easily deceived and able to judge a person by his energy.

Contradictory in Nature

You contradict yourself and your mood changes very quickly. One minute you are happy and the next minute you are crying with tears falling down your cheeks. Since you are so unpredictable; people find it hard to keep track of your mood. These mood swings are one of the traits of INFJ personality.

You Make Strong Connections!

Your pattern recognizing ability is very strong and you are able to join dots easily and turn out right. You are able to detect hidden meaning and code language. You can strong connections and feel that everything happens for a reason. INFJ’s have vision and believe in giving their best. All or nothing is their motto.


You are Hardworking!

You believe that to achieve something, hard work is the first step. You are always eager to work for your goal and are not frightened of challenges. You have a strong ambition to achieve which triggers you to put your best efforts. You always find a way to make it work. You are future conscious and have the vision to achieve.

You are Intuitive!

You have a strong intuition and trust your gut feeling completely. You believe that someone bigger than you is guiding you to make the right decisions and immediately knows if something is off. If your instincts are telling you not to go further for a work, you don’t and it always proves to be the right decision.

You are Judgmental!

You tend to be judgmental and often hurt people with your bluntness and straightforwardness. You judge people very easily based on their opinions.

You seek the Truth!

You have a strong spiritual connection and seek the truth of the universe. You believe that everything is cosmically connected to each other. You try to find the deeper hidden meaning behind the patterns of the universe. You are very curious by nature and your personality propels you to learn.

INFJ’s are shy, instinctive, empathetic and critical in their thinking. They like to stay to themselves and have an insatiable ambition to achieve. They are very diligent works which make them achieve their goals faster than anyone else. If you are an INFJ, you are one in a million and bound to achieve great success in life.

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