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15 Traits of Indigo Adults: Are You One?

We know of Indigo children, but now let us talk about Indigo adults. These people do exist, and they hold an astonishing array of abilities.

Indigo children are persons who have existed over many thousand years, and have always been, just existing, though they have been discovered just recently in the past decades. They are a higher form of humanity, and have superpowers, extraordinary gifts. They are very knowledgeable and wise, and are driven to achieve. They have the power to understand the conformations of society. If you feel that you have any of these powers, you might be an Indigo child or adult yourself.

It is from the sixth chakra of your body, the eye chakra, that we get the colour indigo. This is why it is also said that the Indigos are ruled by their third eye, which defines their characteristics. It isn’t that the colour of their aura is indigo. Their life itself is defined by indigo, marking them out to be individuals with a conscience deeper than any other.

Indigos are labelled ‘sick’ and often misdiagnosed as having ADD. But they are not, they are simply special and have lots of inner energy. You could call them ‘supernatural ‘, though that wouldn’t be right either. They are just naturally as they are – extra natural. They are very special, and it is important to understand them, to give them the respect they are due, and to take care of them.

Indigos typically:

-They prefer to either lead, or to work alone

-They appear to have no tolerance for ignorance, but they do have empathy for others about them

-They are very sensitive, and are reduced to tears without reason. Alternately, they display little to no sensitivity at all

-Indigos may have short tempers, and be diagnosed as having anger issues

-They are unhappy with government systems they think do not work, such as legal, political and educational

-They do not like politics and makes them feel alone, as if what they think is not important to the system, or that the results of an election would not affect them

-They are frustrated with normal society and its norms such as marriage, kids, a regular job

-They feel that they should change the way the world works to make it better

-Indigos are persons who have many psychic interests and interest in spirituality, which had developed when they were much younger

-Indigos also have spiritual experiences, such as seeing spirits, premonitions, hearing spirits and voices

-Electrical instruments such as watches or road signals begin to malfunction around them

-Indigos also feel the presence of other dimensions, and have immense knowledge of them

-They are also at opposite spectrums of sexuality, either indulging in it as a form of expression, or disapproving of it because they believe it disrupts deep connections with the higher spirituality

-They yearn to search what life means through spirituality, and are focused to getting a balanced life to become healthy, stronger in spirit and happy

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